Summer’s Here!

Well, not officially, but it finally does feel like it here in southern Colorado.  Not much has been happening around here, so I thought I’d just list a few things that have taken place since my last post.

I’m wearing shorts!

I put the awning out.  (It hasn’t rained yet.)

Two new beaded necklace creations.

A bear came through the park yesterday, on its way to higher elevation (up the hill from here.)

Overnight RVers (for more than one night.)  New reservations beginning to come in.

Finally hooked up the water hose – fresh water tank ran out of water just as it stopped freezing at night.

House fans on during the day.  Mid to upper 80s, with mild breezes.  May have to turn on the AC.

Dandelions still making puffballs and blowing all over.  The cottonwood trees are beginning to ‘cotton’.

Drying dandelion greens for a healing herbal tea.  Good for the liver and gall bladder.  (Should have thought of this much sooner!)

The owners’ 14-year old daughter left with relatives for a month of traveling,  including Denmark and Russia.  (She’ll turn 15 while she’s gone – nice birthday present!)

No TV here, but discovered ABC-TV online to watch back episodes of a lot of shows.

Clean laundry again.

Didn’t go to the local folk/bluegrass festival this past weekend – too pricey for me.  Tickets were $80 for two days, or $45 per day.  Plus $5 for parking.

Repaired sewer lines from galley and black water tanks.

And of course, there’s always corresponding daily with friends via wi-fi.

Every day seems like I’ve just ‘lazed’ around all day.  Then when I think about what I have done each day, I say, “Gee, I didn’t just sit around all day afterall.”  Something did get done, even if it was to wash the dishes (which I hate) or shaking out rugs, or taking out the trash.  No day is static.  I like that.  It means that even the cells in my body are changed from one day to the other – in seven years I’ll be a totally different person again!!!


3 thoughts on “Summer’s Here!”

  1. I agree, it does sound like a good life. Though when you explain that you skipped a music festival to repair sewage lines instead, it may be a hard sell.

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