Head ’em up, Move ’em out…

The last few days have been busy, but not with anything too special.  The cattle across the mountain, which are on free range, took a sightseeing trip to this side of the mountain.  There were about a dozen head.  They spent the night under the trees behind the corral.  In the morning the owners were called to come get their cattle.

In the meantime, however, the cattle crashed a couple of fences, and the owner here spent the day digging fence post holes, setting posts, and mending fences.  A few hours into the morning the cattlemen arrived on horse back to herd the cattle back home over the mountain.

Last night (Monday night) three of the herd decided for some deja vu and came back for another visit.  The cattlemen arrived once again on horseback today (Tuesday) to get them back across the mountain.

At the same time the cattle were being led away, the owner was releasing the three-year old gelding Cochise to a new owner to be broken and trained.  Cochise balked when they tried to get him into the horse trailer – he’d never been broken to do that.  He will be with his new owner in Montrose, CO for the next several months for training, and then sold once again to meet his destiny.

No, I won’t go!!!

Oh, yes, you WILL!!!

And in the peanut gallery –

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