Horsing Around

This week and last there were two horse professionals here to provide services to the horses that are kept here.

First there was the farrier who trimmed up the hooves of the horses cared for by the owners of the park – Cookie, Feather, and Midnight (you’ve heard of him before.)  I observed him finishing up Cookie’s hooves. I didn’t know it, but he uses a special glue to fill in spaces in the hooves where they have become uneven.

The owners’ daughter rides in the local rodeo, I believe barrel racing.  She is riding on Sunday and I hope to get some photos then.

Then we have the equine chiropractor who came to work on two horses owned by one of the guests staying here.  She rides in regional rodeos as a barrel racer.

The chiropractor is well known globally, and he was a human chiropractor before he began working with animals.  He not only does the work, he also teaches it.

Here we have Greta – lovingly referred to by her owner as “Gert”.  She was having some soreness in her back,  where the saddle sits.  The chiropractor advised that if the owner would place the saddle a little further back – and he gave instructions about how far, etc. – the saddle would fit better and the horse would be better able to do its job around the barrels.

He also advised the owner to get a certain kind of pad for under the saddle that would take the stress off as well, and not allow for friction rubs.  And he recommended the local store where the owner could obtain the pad – a saddler who lives nearby.

I was fascinated by the techniques used to help these horses get back in muscular balance.  As he worked he explained what he was doing and why and how the adjustment would assist the horse, and rider.


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