Cowboy and Cowgirl Dreams

Over the years that I’ve been living out West I’ve wondered about why I moved out here.  Sometimes I think it’s because as a young girl I watched all the old cowboy movies, and wanted to be a cowgirl.

When I was about six years old my mother made cowgirl outfits for me and my sister.  She made denim skirts  and vests with felt fringe, added plaid flannel shirts, cowboy hats, cap guns and holsters, and rain boots with steer heads on them.  Boy, were we cute!

In this little pocket of Colorado, cowboys and cowgirls are quite abundant, with cattle and horse ranches in big supply.  And along with that, many youngsters who are learning to ride and rope, rodeo style.  I went to a small local rodeo event on Sunday where a young boy or girl could live their dreams of being cowboys and cowgirls.

One of the riders was the park’s owners’ 15-year old daughter.  She is quite good with horses, and she had prepared to ride Cookie for her events.  Unfortunately, Cookie came up lame on the day of the events, so another horse had to do.  Given that there hadn’t been much practice with this horse, the teen did quite well.

She rode in the 15 to 19-year old age group.  I was only able to see her ride in the barrel race.  Here she is heading to the finish line after rounding the last barrel on Feather.

Kids begin as early as two or three years old riding the patterns for the events, with the help of their parents and others.  Here are a few of the little ones who were just beginning to learn.

2 thoughts on “Cowboy and Cowgirl Dreams”

  1. Ooohhh…I rode as a girl and always dreamed of having my own horse. I was so lucky to have friends who rode and took me along. One rode in shows at Post Oak in Houston and she had the cute velvet hat and the whole outfit for competition – drool.
    Then later I got too ‘sophisticated” for cowboys and all and moved away. Now at 72, I can appreciate it again and dream about Garner State Park and the strains of “Hey, Good Lookin’, what ‘cha got cookin’…” Great memories!

  2. It sounds like you really enjoyed the Rodeo and your memories of being a cowgirl…. What fun! Having grown up out in the country, near a horse ranch, in Phoenix, AZ, I learned early to love horses…not cowboys. I would sit on the fence to watch my favorite Palomino stallion….. I wanted him with a passion. The cowboy, owner, told me I could have him if I could kiss the very end of my elbow! I tried tho never succeeded.

    Many years later, in Western New York State when I was the mother of 4, we had a nice old farm home with pond, stables and some acreage…. Got my palomino who was a nice calm gelding and a few more horses for my girls….
    Middle daughter took to horses well…. did some showing in the English riding Hunter/Jumper competition on our beautiful big (16 hands) young filly…. She did well as long as she was interested….
    The other two girls and I just rode for pleasure….. Nice memories….

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