What to Say?

Yep, it’s been a little while since I was last here.  It’s been quiet, and a bit rainy lately.  Between the weather (and putting up and taking down the awning) and the big rigs that block my wi-fi access, it’s been somewhat inconvenient to get online to post something.

But I need to break the ‘dry spell’, so today is the day!!!

We’ve recently had daily thunder showers – for about a week.  Even with the rain, there hasn’t been a bad day, though, since I’ve been here.  Every day is perfect.

I recently walked around the complex and took photos of the beautiful flowers that adorn the landscape.  So here are a few.  I particularly like the way the wild daisies have replaced all the dandelions from earlier this season.

Business has picked up here, so I’ve been more of a ‘stay-at-home’ than usual so I can fill in for the owners when they’ve been unavailable.  A couple of weekends ago they left for three days and I was in charge.  We were very busy with ‘walk-ins’ and one-nighters.  And with the added folks in the park, the bath house has stayed quite busy, needing more attention than usual (and that’s also my job).  We’re expecting a big group today for a family reunion – five trailers and five tents.

I’ve also been busy doing some bead work, making necklaces – I have a commission I’m working on – and now a beaded hatband for a hat I’ve had a long time, but didn’t wear.  I’m finding I need to wear my hats because of possible pre-cancer spots being treated by the dermatologist.  It’s a different way of dressing for me.  I may as well go in style!

It’s hard to believe that it will be August in a couple of days.  Where has the time flown?  And I find myself beginning to think seriously about where I’ll head to next.  Funny thing about that…

3 thoughts on “What to Say?”

  1. Wonderful photo of the bench by the water with the trellis overhead. I was thinking it would be a great place to park oneself and “BE” for a bit. You know what BEING is, right? It is not DOING, not THINKING, not PLANNING…one of the hardest things you will learn on the planet.

  2. Looks nice and sounds busy! All and all I hope you are having fun! Think you will go back next summer? I have been invited back here and I think I will come back.
    Take care John

    1. John, nice to hear from you – haven’t been invited (yet) to return here next year. Not sure I would, but I would consider it. Nice folks here – lots of returning campers too who’ve been coming back for years.

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