“Raindrops Keep Fallin’…”

About two weeks ago the sun was hot and temps were up at 100 degrees.  And then the sky fell.  It’s been raining at least once a day, sometimes more, for about the last week and a half.  The streak is to continue through the weekend.

Two days ago we had a whopper of a storm around midnight.  I’d left my awning down, tied to the ground as the rains have been gentle, with little wind.  But that night the wind blew and shook the trailer, and the rain sounded like it was going to bore right into the roof.  I was a little concerned about the awning; however, in the morning all was well.  “Thank You!”

Since hearing the weather report for the week, I’ve rolled the awning up for the duration, although it’s a little annoying to have wet chairs and table in the morning.  Oh well, it’s just the way it works.  Yesterday I took the dry chairs in so I could bring one out this morning to sit on and create this ‘chapter’.

The rain hasn’t spoiled anything really – still, everyday is a good one.  Being in tune with the daily changes is soothing.  I do have to plan a little about when I go to town if I want to avoid a storm.  But all-in-all I enjoy the rhythms of sun and rain.  The river rises, and falls, the grass grows and the flowers bloom, all as they are designed to.

I’m glad I got photos of the daisies across the road from my rig – the owners’ horses are happily pasturing there, where there is good, green grass and a tree or two where they can get shelter during a rain.

Last week the campers who came were having a family reunion, and it rained everyday, sometimes in the day, sometimes in the night, sometimes both.  That did not seem to phase anyone.  It is so laid back here, that it’s unusual to ever hear a complaint (except for the two-year old ‘screamer’) or a harsh word.  I can’t speak to ‘the skies are not cloudy all day’, but I can speak to ‘where seldom is heard a discouraging word.’

Home, home on the range…

One thought on ““Raindrops Keep Fallin’…””

  1. Yep, “laid back” takes some getting used to, but it’s beginning to feel normal to me, when I get the chance, after being a confirmed “doer” all my life. Sitting and watching the trees blow is a listed activity here. About a half hour ago the sky was red to the west and dark blue to the east and a golden glow was cast on the back yard. I had to run out there and “sit a spell.”
    Yep, it’s home on this range, too! Love, Bobbie

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