Catching Up

Wow, how time flies.  I’ve been meaning to keep up with the activities here; however, between the rain and blocked wi-fi connections, I’ve gotten behind.

Backing up for a moment, I want to share the recent birthday party we had for one of the current guests here.  She turned 86 on July 31.  She is a very special lady who has become a good friend of mine.  She and her husband live in Texas, a little outside of San Antonio.  He loves to cook and made some great grub for the party – black-eyed peas, giant shrimp, and quail.  And he also makes a mean cornbread!  There  are only five candles on the cake because 8+6 (from 86) = 14.  And 1 + 4 (from 14) = 5.

Last week we had a family of campers from the local area who are getting ready to move to Seattle at the end of the month.  They are taking the month of August to get some vacation time in the area before saying goodbye to it.  As a former social worker, I’m thrilled to see families that have been created through adoption.  The three children, all African-American, two who are siblings born only a year apart (Isaiah and Elijah), enjoyed playing in the hammocks and visiting with the dogs and ducks that live here.  The oldest, Cora, is six years old and was the last child to join the family.  She came from a very deprived background; yet she is growing into a fine young lady – very articulate and artistic.  She wanted to help me clean the bath house.  I spurned her request, and opted for a drawing instead.

Last weekend was the local county fair.  The owners’ daughter was again riding in the rodeo, so I went down to watch.  She rode ‘Cookie’ in the pole event; however, Cookie pulled a muscle afterward, and needed to opt out of other events of the day.   But the rider continued on a different horse and earned a first place belt buckle for her efforts.

Here are some shots, too, of the chute-doggin’ and bull riding events.  The fair grounds were quite muddy as it had rained heavily the day before.  So everyone who hit the dirt came up caked with mud.

I couldn’t help but take photos of the carnival, too – it brought back childhood memories.  A couple of campers who are staying in the park provided smoked barbecue for the fair, so I also stopped by for a sandwich – Yum!

I guess that gets me caught up a bit for now.

3 thoughts on “Catching Up”

  1. Wow, Su! This all sounds like fun to me! The best part, however, is the last photo. Go back and look at it. There is a man’s face on the left and a woman’s face on the right and they are talking – he is smiling and he is dark – she is lighter. And look at those gorgeous mountains below! Just wonderful!!! Love, B

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