Rocky Mountain High

Two days ago I got up at 5 a.m. to be ready for a ride to Navajo Peak in southern Colorado to  see the wildlife – hopefully some elk as they came to feed in the morning.  While we never saw any elk, we saw many deer, in small groups – does with their babies and a group of bucks with up to four points on each horn.  (Unfortunately, none of the photos I shot turned out…)

The road up to the trail head was a gravel road lined with working ranches and large homes, one the home of a well-known country singer, who shall remain nameless here.  The sky began as overcast so the sun was hidden, but as the morning progressed the sky became a little brighter, yet still cloudy.

We stopped so I could take photos – the trees, the mountains, the flowers, the mushrooms that were poking their heads through the soil at the edge of the road.  Pretty soon the hunters will be coming to fill this forest in hopes of bagging a deer.

After the ride up the mountain we took a short trip over to Dulce, NM on one of the back roads to do some shopping.  The driver, husband of the lady who just turned 86, wanted to get some meat to make some beef jerky.  I had some of that jerky today – yum!  He made it in his RV oven, turned on low.  He is quite the cook!

There are some new ‘beings’ at the park recently.  Five new laying hens and a pygmy goat named Buddy.  Unfortunately, the local foxes have discovered the chickens and now two (one of the earlier black chickens and one of the new chickens) have become evening meals.

Buddy was brought to the park to help protect the chickens.  He wears a bell, and is the cutest little goat!  He follows the owners’ daughter around as if he were a puppy.  He likes to travel with the dogs and even chases the cars when they come into the drive, like the dogs do.  He is very attached to humans.

Also, to follow up about the rodeo and county fair, I had the opportunity to photograph the belt buckle prize for first place that the owners’ daughter won.

The nights are beginning to be cooler as fall approaches.  The days aren’t as hot as before; the weather is actually perfect!  The hunters will be arriving soon to the park, and before one knows it, it will be October, and time for me to leave.  This has been an awesome experience.

One thought on “Rocky Mountain High”

  1. How totally cool of you to NOT name the singer who lives nearby. So many people have “Star-Fever” and would be trying to track the person down.
    What a wonderful summer you have had there. You may leave there, but the “Rocky Mountain High” will never leave you!
    It will be good to see you again in Tucson later this year anf get to do some beading!

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