Autumn is here!

Wow! Where has the summer gone?  Here it is September 1, and in this beautiful place the signs are all around that it will soon be a new season.

The humming birds have mostly gone – only a few stragglers.  The flowers are going to seed.  The bow hunting season has arrived, with the hunters coming here to get showers and do their laundry.  The trees are just beginning to have that tired look, while they drop their leaves, especially the cottonwoods.

The rains have brought cooler weather, especially at night where the temperatures are already in the upper thirties and lower forties.  I can wear jeans all day and not feel too warm.  My awning no longer protects me from the heat of the sun as it has begun to be lower in the sky, so it shines into the space.  It’s moved a little more west and sinks behind the mountain a little sooner each day.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay here – never a day I didn’t like, even if there wasn’t much going on.  Oh, yeah, and now there’s only one other RV in the park, and a couple who has been camping out of their vehicles on the other side of the park.  Most of the Texans are heading back home!

I’m even getting a little bit of the itchy feet – recently cleaning out the cabinets and storage compartments to see what I can let go of before heading south in a month.  And I’ve been planning for the fall and winter months too.  Applications are pending in a few warmer places in the southwest.  Guess I’ll take this last month to make sure I’m ready.

Photo:  Full Moon August 24, 2010, Blanco River

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