Collaborative Artistry

Today was a rough day for working on my bead work.  Nothing seemed to go right, and I spent a lot of time learning that a bright idea I had wasn’t working like I wanted it to.

Most days, though, when I put my fingers and mind to work on a bead design there is a flow.  Recently (within the last month or two) I had the joy of designing a piece that included the wonderful artistry of my daughter, Leslie Allyn (see her link at the right).

Leslie works in several mediums, but mostly she does water colors.  From some of her paintings she makes miniature, framed pendants.  This year for my birthday she sent me “Nature Girl”.  I wanted to create a different kind of necklace for it, and with the help of the keen eye of my friend in Tucson (she’s my beading teacher – and wonderful wise woman), I managed to finalize a design.

About three years ago when I visited Leslie and my sisters and a niece for a reunion, Leslie made pendants for us all.  The one she gave me was “Banjo Girl” because I have a banjo that I often threaten to learn.  The original necklace was a silk cord; however, I decided to give it some ‘punch’ as well, so I made a new strand from which to hang the pendant.  I even made a beaded toggle clasp that I’d never tried before.

I love my daughter’s work – it is fun, whimsical, and very expressive.  I sometimes think I can tell what is going on in her life by the art she creates.  A couple of years ago I asked her to create a painting of my rig – the trailer and truck – and then make some note cards that I can send.  Something truly unique.  Then she sent me digital photos of the prints so I can create more later.  Last C hristmas I asked her to amend the print to include Christmas ‘decorations’ on the rig.  Then I created a few cards to send out.

I hope that when you read this you will take a peak at Leslie’s website.  She has it set up in a gallery format, so you can browse.  I’m quite proud of her, and hope to collaborate more as time goes by.


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