First Day of Autumn

I had planned to take a recommended ride on one of the Forest Service roads on Wednesday; however, it rained all day, and I hate driving in the rain.  Besides, it would have been hard to see the beauty while sloshing through all the mud.

Yesterday the day began with clouds, but by mid-morning it was  clearing up – and as it was the Autumn Equinox, what day would be more appropriate for driving into the mountains?  Well, higher into the mountains…

I drove into town and followed the directions in the brochure, finding myself on the wet, but not too muddy dirt road to the Plumtaw Loop Road.  The brochure stated that this route was one of the highest in elevation and known for its awesome fall foliage.  I think I got there too soon.  It’s still not time for those explosive yellows, reds, and oranges in the San Juan National Forest – at least the parts I’ve seen so far.

Yet, I did find some lovely views with the foliage beginning to color.  And I was surprised to find a historic structure in such a beautiful setting as the Piedra River Valley.  I could imagine what it must have been like without the newer buildings in the valley.

The historic structure is a school house built in 1930, known as Deb’s School.  I could also imagine being a student going to this school way out in the middle of beautiful nowhere.

The trip was 35 slow miles.  I might have met at most a half dozen other vehicles.  I noted that there are still campers and hunters in the forest, and made some mental notes of where I might like to put my rig if I get back here some day.

The Piedra River Valley is so beautiful.  One can feel the grandeur of the space, and the knowing how small one is.  Humans think they can control all this…are they kidding?!!

That’s the school beside the road!

And finally I came by a spot I’d been by before while riding to Williams Creek Dam with my Texas friends.  The house was built into the side of the hill.  It’s still unfinished and still for sale.  As I love alternative architecture, I had to try to get a photo.

3 thoughts on “First Day of Autumn”

  1. Love the comment about the “school way out in the middle of beautiful nowhere.” There is a one room school house in Julian, Ca. near San Diego and I think it is still in use. At one time my 46 year old son’s first grade teacher taught there for a while.
    When we lived in Omaha, I recall being in a store and overhearing some young employees talking about wanting to get “out of this berg.” I could not help jumping into the conversation and told them I had lived in New York and Houston and D.C. and San Diego and Boston, all big cities, and that I had observed people can be swallowed up and find less to make them happy than in a smaller place where they know people and places to be in.
    They were so excited to talk with someone who had traveled to Europe and Hong Kong and others and could never imagine finding joy and contentment in a “berg.” I told them, “You’ll come back – if not to Omaha, to another “berg” one day.” We all look for a personal Walden.

  2. This morning in S.E. NM is cool enough to have an electric heater running and aimed at my feet…. Outside the temp is at 64….. I doubt the AC will run today, it has been at rest for several days, so maybe summer really has come to an end, and winter will be here again too soon for me…

    Your tribute to The First Day of Autumm is lovely, as are the pictures you included. Probably you are getting ready to head in a southerly direction again. Thank you for sharing your summer experiences…..

    1. Thank you E2. Yes, I’m getting ready to head back to Deming for a short time, then to Arizona. The weather has been ‘crispy’ at night, and as my furnace has decided not to work I’m running two electric heaters.

      And thanks for your comments about hands – they are definitely awesome…

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