Pulling Up Stakes

Tonight is my last night in this beautiful place.  I had been planning to leave on Friday, but as my mail came a little earlier than I expected, I began packing things up today.

This evening I took a walk along the river path and took some photos as a farewell.  For me ‘farewells’ are always sad – they are an ending to something.  This ‘something’ brought me many delightful days.  In fact, there wasn’t a day here that wasn’t beautiful.  Even with all the chaos on Fourth of July weekend.

So I have mixed feelings.  I’m actually quite ready to move on to the next phase, a brief visit in Deming.  Yet this summer has been such a great time that it’s a little hard to say goodbye.   Summer is gone though, and Autumn is here.  The cycles move and change, and so must I.

So here is a little collection of photos from my walk this evening.  Unless you were here I’m sure you can’t appreciate it all, but to me it is awesome.  I love taking photos as the sun is going down.  It is my favorite time of the day.

The End…

2 thoughts on “Pulling Up Stakes”

  1. Fall brings changes…colors…places…thoughts and feelings. It is a preparation time for the great sleep or hibernation to come when thoughts will germinate in the dark wamrth of our personal dens and burst forth in the spring sun. As you move to settle in for the winter you will gather some seeds to tuck away in the warmth of your being. Eagle will guide you and what a joyous spring awaits!
    Happy Trails, Friend-O
    Love, Bobbie

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