Out of the Mountains – Into the Desert

At  first glance, as I look back over the last month, not much has happened for me to write about.   When I really think about it, however, that’s not true.

Following the Balloon Fiesta I made my way back to Deming for some medical checkups and the LoW “Oktoberfest” rally.  I dry camped during that time.  While there I learned a couple of rummy games I hadn’t played before.  I played a few hands of “31”, spent a couple of evenings playing bridge, and took in a couple movies.  Dancing at the VFW was also popular.

After getting a couple of trailer maintenance tasks done I left town for Tucson, AZ, first to spend a few days  visiting with my good friend.  Our days were filled with exercise, good food, thrift store shopping and beads, and laughter.  I began a project that feels quite exciting.

Then I traveled a little further west to attend the Desert Bluegrass Association (DBA) Bluegrass Festival.  When I lived in Tucson I joined the DBA because it offered outlets for me to learn my banjo.  So it was fun to see some of the folks I’d been with for those “beginners” nights.

I had a great time listening to three days of great bluegrass music.  As an extra benefit I met another solo RVer who advised me on some of the event protocols and who was a great companion for conversation and good food for those few days.  It’s always interesting to see who you meet when you’re on the road.

One of the highlights of the event was meeting the banjo player in one of the bands.  He’s from Lynchburg, VA and attended the same Virginia universityas both of my children.  As I wondered whether he might have known them, I waited to meet him after one of the band’s sets.  He’d graduated a few years before my kids so they didn’t know one another.  We had a great conversation, and he gave me a CD of the band’s most recent release, signed by all the members.  It was totally unexpected and I was delighted!

Now I’m settling into life at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.  As I write this I am outside watching  the afterglow of the setting sun and night is descending.  I volunteered with the National Park Service for the winter, as I really wanted to have a beautiful environment and warmer weather than the past two winters.

I left the bluegrass festival on Monday morning and am now experiencing remnants of the Sonoran desert summer heat.  After three days now I’m getting better oriented.  The biggest adjustment is once again being in the beauty of Nature without cell service or convenient internet.  It seems there’s always an adjustment one has to make…good thing I’m pretty flexible!


3 thoughts on “Out of the Mountains – Into the Desert”

  1. “Now I’m settling into life at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.” Hope the traffic was to hard to get through at Why!!! LOL. Su are you working at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument? I visit the place ones when I was staying in Why. Sounds like you are in fact living the good like so keep it up! John

    1. Hello John! Yes, I’m working at Organ Pipe as a volunteer – the pay is a full hook-up site for the duration. It’s plucking my nerves a little right now because I started the same day I arrived and have worked every day since, so I feel quite tired. It’s also been hot, over 90, but I think that will change soon. I get off tomorrow and Saturday, and will browse in Why and Ajo. Looks like I’ll be working all the weekends while I’m here. If you get a chance to visit, especially if you go to Why, come on down! You would have loved to see the five Harris hawks that were perched in the tree behind the visitor center today! Also, the sunsets are spectacular from where I’m sitting to go online. There is no cell service or internet service where I’m parked – it’s a separate ‘housing’ area for the volunteers. So I come up to the regular campground to get online and make calls. The desert is beautiful.

  2. Su, I am so glad we can still communicate through this time, even though it has to be planned for phone calls and e-mail may be delayed. Still better than smoke signals! Life is still good and the land is generous in providing endless beauty.
    Yesterday I was at a presentation of classes for Oasis in Tucson and there was a mandolin performance. You would have loved it, too!!!!
    Keep on strummin’….;O) Love, Bobbie

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