A Day to Relax

I left Tucson on Monday around 9:00 a.m. and arrived at Organ Pipe around noon.  I was immediately plunged into volunteer status.  I didn’t get to unhitch the truck and begin getting settled until around 3:00 p.m.  By then I was pretty much exhausted from getting the papers signed and being allocated my uniform apparel.  I was back in the visitor center the next three mornings at 8:00 a.m. and stayed the full eight hours each day.

I had the day off today and will be off again tomorrow for a little bit of rest before resuming my schedule.  So today I cut my hair that was long overdue for a trim, and got a shower, and headed to the town of Ajo for some groceries and gas and exploring.

Tonight I’m sitting at the entrance to the campground (not where I’m parked) where I can get a signal for my air card.  I love sitting here at the end of the day, where I can reflect on the day’s events and watch the sunset, which is usually quite beautiful.  The desert is so very quiet.  The photos are from this evening’s sunset.  The multi-armed plant is the organ pipe cactus.

Some of the more interesting things from the day’s activities:

The plaza in Ajo is pleasant and the library and post office are located there.  Ajo is in Pima County (the same county as Tucson) and I was able to use my Pima County library card once again to get some books.  The librarian was very enthusiastic about the library’s resources and weekly activities.

The local grocery store is an IGA and it carries some of the ‘health’ products I like, scattered throughout the store by product – for example, rice spaghetti with regular spaghetti.  The prices are a little high, but controllable.  A lot of what I bought wasn’t even anything to eat, like toothpaste and a hairbrush.  (Yes, I use a hairbrush for these short hairs!) Also the meat department is different from most I’m familiar with.  Much of it is stored behind the counter, not in packages in the coolers along the side of the store.  And one gets a cart from the ‘return’ in the parking lot instead of inside the store.

The ride into Ajo was a long way – 34 miles one way – so I don’t think I’ll be going all that often unless I can arrange a carpool.  Luckily I can renew my library books online!  Gas is also a little pricey – lowest price is $2.85/gallon for regular, in Why.  In Ajo the price is $2.96 for regular.


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