Getting Acquainted with the Desert

Yesterday I took a second tour of Ajo Mountain Drive, a 21-mile loop through the desert with stops to highlight the natural elements of this part of the Sonoran desert.  The first time I was a passenger; the next time the driver, with two other volunteers accompanying me.  And this time I remembered to take my camera!

As it’s said, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so the rest of this post will be photos from the tour.  Some of them are from other short trips to acquaint us with the options for drives and camping so we can advise visitors.  But you’ll get the idea!

3 thoughts on “Getting Acquainted with the Desert”

  1. LOVE the 4th one with the distant arch and the one with the gnarley old tree! You can write a story about the arch. It affects me the same was the Thimble does in Tucson. My heart flutters for them!!! Bobbie

    1. The gnarly old tree is an ironwood. We finally have been able to make the distinction between a mesquite and an ironwood. When you see all the saguaro, so tall, with arms, and this old ironwood tree, it’s incredible to think how old they are, and how long they have withstood the desert environment!

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