Giving Thanks

Gratitude, when expressed in writing and speaking, is powerful in ‘calling in’ more of the same.  When I express gratitude for my blessings I can feel the power of that expression in my body.  It is a joyful feeling.

I would call today the day of the Great Feast of Thanksgiving that is traditional to the United States.  Other cultures also have thanksgiving celebrations and feasts.  In the U. S., however, I believe that we have been taught to believe that in order to know abundance we must have everything we desire.  And on our feast day we become gluttons.

Years ago I saw a photo of a painting in which a poor man and his small daughter were preparing their dinner for the Thanksgiving feast day.  The meal consisted of a few potatoes and vegetables.  Although our country as well as others have been experiencing ‘less’ than we’d like or what we received or had a few years ago, we probably all have ‘enough’.  Enough for today.

I know that there are families who are poor and who struggle for their survival.  At the holidays during November and December we are often reminded of this, and many open their pocket books and their pantries to share.

Overall, however, the citizens of the United States have much to be thankful for, regardless of their ‘less than’ and ‘lacking’ attitude.  How much is enough anyway?

I have been separated from my family traditions for many years now, partly because of circumstances and partly because I have made choices that mean I live away from my loved ones.  I have made decisions about what I need to live a comfortable life.   Each year at this time I find new people to gather with and share a meal with, and to be thankful for.

I am grateful, and most of all, I am grateful that I am alive to experience all the good stuff – those small things that bring me such joy, one day at a time.

2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks”

  1. Yes, many people do believe in their “lack” and do not understand that when they do so, it is reflected back to them and becomes their experience. When we enter into our thanksgiving and gratitude, it is then that our abundance fills us to overflowing and our experience is of having it all. Oh, yes! Thank you!!!

  2. Forty Years in the USA
    Thanksgiving 2010

    The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, 40 years ago, I arrived in Brooklyn on a Norwegian freighter with passenger accommodation. The ship also transported 500,000 cuckoo clocks into America. ‘Uncle’ Carl and Carla picked me up and brought me home to Lawrenceville, NJ. I was ready to go back to the Netherlands after seeing Brooklyn and driving through Elizabeth. ‘Uncle’ Carl and ‘Aunt’ Doris took me on a long drive along the Delaware River the weekend after Thanksgiving; that changed my mind! We had dinner in a quaint little inn and the waitress asked me what kind of dressing I wanted on my salad. In my mind I saw tiny dresses on my lettuce. I must have looked puzzled for ‘Aunt’ Doris said, ‘How about blue cheese dressing?’ I said ‘blue cheese?’ (I literally pictured blue colored cheese in my mind). ‘Aunt’ Doris very kindly said ‘Roquefort, Danish Blue’. Then she said ‘that is what I am having’. So I said ‘OK’. I miss ‘Aunt’ Doris very much! I often think of her, especially when I have blue cheese dressing on my salad.

    I look back with gratitude at those forty years. My life would have been quite different without this American family and all the other wonderful people I have met here.

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