I arrived at Tumacacori National Historical Park yesterday. It’s a beautiful place, and of course it has a different flavor from Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

Tumacacori dates back to the 1600s when the Spanish were exploring. One of the most famous persons in this area was Father Kino who was a Jesuit priest serving under the auspices of King Charles II of Spain. He began many missions to convert the local people to Christianity. He was good to the people and they revered him.

Father Kino was also a cartographer and agriculturalist. He was the first to map the Baja peninsula as a peninsula rather than an island.

This week I am ‘resting’ as most of the staff are on vacation. I have been walking up to the visitor center to observe and visit with the staff and volunteers who are working there. There have been lots of visitors, many who have been here more than once.

My home is feeling settled now, probably the most organized and neat it’s ever been! It feels good…

And I am enjoying being back online from my home, and being able to make phone calls!

One thought on “Resettling”

  1. Hey Su~ Glad you are in a nicer and easier situation. You can communicate more easily and you are just down the road from the gem show, once it opens!
    We have SNOW arriving here tomorrow evening and I wonder how it will impact the area you are in. Poor people from Michigan and other parts who came here to get away from snow and cold. Bobbie

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