My Head is Spinning!

I’m a person who always has more than one or two projects going at the same time.  Since Christmas it seems I’ve had way too many things to juggle.  The calendar new year has brought new things to my attention – sort of a horizontal priority.

During the week between Christmas and New Year I moved into the space provided by the National Park Service at Tumacacori, which has water and electric, but no sewer.  That circumstance changed my commitment from 32 hours a week service for the space to 24 hours a week, allowing me extra time for doing the things I want.  Dealing with the circumstance is going to be a challenge; however, there is a “blue boy” hiding behind the nearby shed that I’m going to learn to use.

I’m parked across the dirt drive from the park superintendent at the back of the developed area.  It wasn’t easy getting into the space as I had to drive through the area reserved for the annual fiesta, brushing under low-spreading mesquite trees.  When I leave it’s a straight shot out the personnel gate, with only about 12-15 inches to spare on either side of the trailer.

In talking with the rangers here I’ve developed somewhat of a freewheeling schedule between working with the archaeologist and the head of the education program.  I’ve loved being able to create a flexible schedule with different jobs so I’m not locked into just one thing over the next few months.

One of my biggest pleasures lately has been upgrading my air card to a netbook.  I was needing a new computer and this was the perfect opportunity to get one at a price I could afford.  In addition, I am able to pass on my other equipment (two laptops – one was mine and one was my deceased partner’s) to my daughter who has been hobbling along on a dinosaur laptop.  She is thrilled.  Getting the computers ready, cleaning up the hard drives and transferring files took most of four or five recent days.  Today I put them in the mail with some other things she can use that I no longer need.

In between all this I’ve received a lot of reading material about this place.  There is a lot to learn about this very old, historic place. This site is wonderful and oozes serenity.  I love walking through the huge mesquite trees and ambling through the garden plaza outside the visitor center.  It is very peaceful.

Last night a volunteer couple from Iowa came to stay in their rig that they have left parked here for their annual trek to Tumacacori.  They have been coming for 17 years.  They are parked next to me, and I introduced myself to them.  They are actually the ages my parents would be if they were still living.  We hit it off immediately and had dinner together.  I look forward to many more conversations with them.

Now it’s time to put the place back in order after having so much stuff out while dealing with the computers.  And I still have files to transfer, as well as order an external cd/dvd drive for creating backups.  It sometimes seems that keeping things in order is a task that never gets completed!

One thought on “My Head is Spinning!”

  1. Don’t think I’d be loving that blue boy thing one bit! My experience with it has left a lot to be desired. Good luck with that. Other wise, it seems like a sweet deal. 🙂

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