Have You Wondered?

Why I haven’t written anything lately?

Well, no good reason.

As I go through the days I’m scheduled for there are only a few things for me to participate in as a volunteer.  I think each person I was to work with assumed I was working with the other one, and so didn’t give me any meaty assignments.  I think that will change shortly as I advised them that I didn’t have enough to do to give me a full 24 hours per week, which is what is required to park on site.

The very extreme cold weather had me holed up in my rig for a few days, worrying about the fresh water tank freezing, the water heater freezing, the rig batteries being too low to power the spark for the propane on the frig.  When I first plugged in here something happened to the electric system on the frig so I’ve been running on propane.  One thing about being in a rural area is finding good mobile RV service at a reasonable rate.

I managed to lose six years worth of photos and other documents when a ‘save’ failed, as I was getting used to this computer.  I recently also had technical problems with the printer, which luckily were resolved by a software download.

I went to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show the last couple of days of January and spent a bit for making new pieces of beaded pretties.  Of course I was with my good friend and beading mentor.  We had a great time shopping and eating some really good food.

Yesterday I went with other volunteers to Tucson to visit the Western National Parks Association store and warehouse.  They provide all the materials in the bookstores and gift shops in the national parks west of the Mississippi.  An annual membership is $25 and provides a 15% discount on purchases.  If one is 62 or older the membership is $12.50 and the discount is 20%.  I found a Pendleton blanket that I’ve been eying for a couple of years, and I’m trying to figure out how I can buy it.  Where there’s a will…

Recently one of the men who demonstrated his artistry here on the grounds, passed away.  He made tin and painted glass frames that are usually made for the big fiesta in Magdalena, Sonora, MX in the fall to honor San Francisco, and Father Eusebio Francisco Kino.  (This year is the 300th anniversary of his death and there will be many special events to acknowledge his influence in the region known as the Pimeria Alta.  He is in the Vatican process of becoming a saint.)  The artisan has several pieces of his work in the bookstore/gift shop here, including a couple of tin and painted glass boxes.  I decided that one of those pieces would be a real collector’s item, so I purchased one of the lovely boxes.  The inside still has his fingerprints visible.

This weekend is the annual Tubac arts festival.  Tubac is only three miles up the road, yet I’m reluctant to go there and face the crowds of browsers.  If I go I’ll report on that.





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