The World, At What Scale?

Today I had planned to attend the third of three free online classes about Human Design, with its founder, Ra Uru Hu.  A couple of days ago, however, I received an email announcing that the class had been rescheduled for next Saturday.  In a later notice I learned that all classes of any sort had been canceled until further notice, as he was experiencing a “major stomach virus”.  This morning I learned that Ra Uru Hu had passed away.  I was stunned – shocked.  And this following the devastating news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Wow.

Japan is not within my scope or my reach except for sending healing thoughts to the people who are suffering and those who are helping, and possibly send a donation toward their assistance.

Closer to me, as I have participated in classes with teachers who knew Ra personally, and other students, there is nothing I can do about Ra’s passing except to offer my deepest condolences, and again, send healing thoughts.

Here at Tumacacori today there was a brief service in the church ruins to honor a highly revered Jesuit priest, Eusebio Kino, who founded over 20 missions in the southern Arizona and northern Mexico area known as the Pimeria Alta.  March 15, 2011 marks the 300th anniversary of his passing, also unexpected at the mission of Magdalena, in Mexico, which was his “home church”.    Leading what I would call a ‘remembrance’ service with readings and music, were both Episcopal and Catholic priests.  I was there as a volunteer ‘on duty’.  That was my personal, close to home, experience, so to speak.

My point is that while I can be aware of the events taking place in other areas of the world, where I am is where I ‘live’, and where my focus needs to be.  Otherwise I might miss my life.  I believe that each person is where they are ‘supposed’ to be at any given time, and it’s there that the life happens.  The devastating news of others’ suffering can awaken me yet again to remember that life is short, and I must care very much for mine.


2 thoughts on “The World, At What Scale?”

  1. Yes, Su, we must attend to our own place on the planet first, I believe or as I say to you, MOO (My Opinion Only). I feel like my awareness is like the light on a lighthouse, going around and around to observe all in it’s projection of light and at the same time firmly grounded in the “home plate” of my location and my plan. My dear friend in Hawaii planned months ago to leave there on Wednesday and come to the mainland here to see her dad for a week, and therefore missed what could have been a devastating tsunami there. Somehow we are always at the right place in time.

    1. Bobbie, I love the metaphor of the lighthouse for standing in our own place while also being aware of things ‘out there’ – also shining the light through the fogginess, and being a beacon to others.

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