Arivaca Heat

That’s the name given to one of the entries today at the annual Chili Cook-off in Arivaca, Arizona.  The cook-off is held to benefit the Arivaca Fire Department.  I told the cook of “Arivaca Heat” that I thought that was the name of a song.

Just now as I write the event is ending, so I don’t know who won for the best entry.  For me, I enjoyed the green chili with potatoes, and cast my vote for it.

For $5 to taste test all the entries and then finish with a bowl of ‘house’ chili, I thought this was quite a bargain.  Ice cream at $1 finished the meal nicely. (I do have to say that I’ve broken down on my diet a little this week with the dairy and wheat, but not too badly.  Sometimes it’s hard to pass up.)

The town of Arivaca is 23 miles off Interstate 19, and is a dusty, very small place.  Outlying its businesses are many ranches.

Establishments along the main drag include a taco stand, artist’s co-op, post office, saloon, small market, art gallery, and just outside of town a coffee shop and small restaurant.

When I first approached town I turned onto a road that boasted an RV park.  I figured since I’m there I’d check it out.  As I got there I met a woman walking from the park, so I stopped to inquire.  Turned out that she works at the park (and is getting ready to head out soon), and the office was closed today because of the cook-off.  She gave me the rate for a month, and I drove through to take a look.  Then, as she was walking up the road toward the cook-off I offered her a ride.  We parked in town and meandered along the booths and businesses that had their wares out.  She eventually headed to the saloon for a beer, and I headed down the road to the old school house where the food was being served!

Here are some photos from the cook-off, and of some of the businesses in town.  I also spoke with a nurse who is part of a helicopter medical team, just to find out how people get medical emergency care in this isolated area.

The “Bad News Blues Band”

This band was musically talented at one time…They sang a lot of OLD country songs.  Still it was fun to appreciate the effort.  I even KNEW some of the old songs!

This hen (NO, not the woman!) is standing over spot number one (the winner)on a numbered board.  Folks place bets on which number she will ‘drop’ on first (hence the name the “Chicken Drop”).

This sticker relates to the fact that from both directions into Arivaca the Border Patrol has stops, making Arivaca a “gated” community.

The team that flies in this helicopter goes out on an average of 45 calls a month; in the Arivaca area, about two per week.

I like the art work of this gate, and thought it was a fitting end to this post! I imagine that some of those who have been flown out by the medical rescue team are actually lying somewhere behind this gate.





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