When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain

I just had to try photographing the full moon last night.  It’s my form of record-keeping, even  if it’s not all that great.  I put my camera on a new setting for me, that automatically adjusts the shutter speed.  With not much light available the speed was slow, and the hand not so still, so many tries resulted in white lines.  But I did get a few I wanted to keep.

The moon came up over the mountains right behind my rig – a clear view across the field to the river.

It was very peaceful sitting in my chair waiting, and watching the night arrive.

Moon glow

Up and away

Peeping through the branches of a mesquite.

3 thoughts on “When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain”

  1. “When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain”……Singer Kate Smith is the audio/visual I get in my head with this song! It was what was last night when I watched that huge orange moon come up from under the eastern horizon…..

    Are you old enough to remember Kate Smith?

    Happy Spring!

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