What a Blast!!!

Last night I had the greatest time at a belated Academy Awards Gala in Tucson hosted by my friend Liza Minnelli.  Many of my friends were there – my close friend Hedda Hopper was the master of ceremonies.  Attending this dressy affair were Charlie Chaplin, along with Mickey Mouse, Church Lady, Lady GaGa, Fred Astaire, Charlie Sheen with Lindsay Lohan,  Carol Burnett, Dolly Parton with her friend Kenny Rogers, Patsy Cline, Jane Mansfield, Sister Mary Principle with her fighting nun, and a host of other stars.

Charlie Chaplin with Hedda Hopper

Carol Burnett

Fred Astaire

Charlie Chaplin with Guest

Sister Mary Principle with the “boxing nun”

Charlie with Liza

Charlie Sheen with Lindsay Lohan

Charlie Chaplin with Lady GaGa – The two “Oscar” winners

The two-man band “Deuces Wild” was great, and the food was wonderful. As you can see Charlie Chaplain is quite a ladies’ man, and he can really dance!

As Shirley MacLaine, I of course brought my crystal ball and wore my citrine crystals for good energy.

Here I am taking my walk on the red carpet.



One thought on “What a Blast!!!”

  1. Darling Shirley, How wonderful it was to see you at the party! It was truly the BEST awards party ever, as Liza does it up right! The best part was that the “veil” parted and stars from beyond joined stars of the present to illuminate the world for a brief time. It was a magic time for those hours! Love, Hedda

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