Endings and Beginnings

Over the years I’ve become aware of  how the changes in my life are connected to the natural cycles of the Earth.  As I come to the end of my volunteer time here, I also am coming to the end of another part of my life.  And it is in alignment with the New Moon that arrives on Monday, May 2.

Some of you are aware of the thoughts I’ve had about getting off the road full-time.  Tomorrow I begin that process, when I leave here and head to Tucson.  I have committed the next year to living there, in the trailer, while I create the next chapter in my Life Book.

Last fall I had several conversations with another RV traveler about what life on the road is really like for a retired single woman,  From the outside it may look fun, glamorous, exciting – and in a lot of ways it is.  It’s also hard.  It’s hard work.  And for the not-so-social woman, like me, it’s sometimes very lonely.  Oh, I get along with myself just fine – I like my solitude, and I require more of that than most people, I think.

I’m not a person to follow the crowd or participate much in the kinds of social activities that I find are typical of the single RV life.  I’ve come to understand that I need more and different stimulus from my environment.  And when making decisions about where to go, the criteria seem to focus on what I can afford.  Giving my time and energy to activities or work in order to have a spot to park has become the ‘way’ to make it out here for me (and for others as well).  I’ve come to the place where I don’t want to do that anymore.  It feels like working a job you don’t like in order to have an income.  I’ve been there…

So now I’m taking time to decide what it is that I really want to do, if anything.  None of us knows when we will no longer be here to do anything.  I want the rest of my time on Earth to be easier, and in a beautiful place, and yes, a place I can afford. I lived in Tucson in the trailer for almost three years when I was with my partner, now deceased.  So I know the place and I have friends there.

I expect that I will continue to travel, but not take my home with me when I do that.  Things are going to be different.  I came to full-time RVing as a single person by default.  I gave myself the time to experience what I needed to experience, and to learn from that.  It’s time for a change – another new beginning.

2 thoughts on “Endings and Beginnings”

  1. There cannot be a beginning without an ending. All are change, which is a constant in our lives. “In the beginning…” must have come out of a before and so there was an ending there, as well. Sometimes I can scarcely tell one from the other… it moves faster these days. :O)

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