What a Day!!!!

Well, I had something else in mind to start with, but when I logged into WordPress I was met with another blog titled “May the 4th be with you”.  I didn’t know today was Star Wars Day.  How very appropriate for my situation.  On this day four years ago my partner passed away.  He used to say that Buzz Lightyear quote,” To infinity, and beyond”.  And so he is…(He even had a dimple in his chin!)  I wonder if he knew about Star Wars Day when he passed…

To add to that, I went shopping for groceries today.  I bought a bag of M&Ms (dark chocolate).  It’s the first bag of M&Ms I’ve bought in the four years that he’s been gone.  We both loved those candies, and I just didn’t buy them after he died.  Until today.  And I ate my share and HIS share as well!  Oh, heeeeee!

I’m beginning to get settled into my new home – same trailer – different surroundings.  I’m very excited that I can sit on my couch in the morning and watch the sun rise over the mountains while I have my morning tea.  I’ve been getting up around 5:00 each morning, when the light begins to appear through the kitchen window.  I love getting up early in the summer – and especially here in southern Arizona where it gets to be too hot by noon.  This photo is from today’s sunrise.

I’ve been quite busy since arriving – what a day moving day was!  My friends from Tumacacori helped me get out through the ‘jungle’ of low-branching mesquite trees.  They had to bushwhack a bit to get some of those branches out of the way.  We made it, though.  When I got to the new place, the camp hosts didn’t know I was coming (miscommunication with the office), so they made plans for the day.  With the help of the park manager and a neighbor we got the rig parked ‘perfectly’ – after many tries…I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Also since arriving here I’ve had two doctor appointments; cardiology yesterday (everything is fine) and dermatology today (everything is pending).  So I’m just now beginning to get my breath.  Later this month I will be traveling once again, but this time by train, to see family in Virginia and Maryland.  Nothing like a wedding to bring family together.  I’m looking forward to it.

And lastly, I’m so grateful to my friends here in Tucson, for their warm welcome.  We had a wonderful brunch on Monday, with mimosas, and toasts to my new adventure as well as honoring the firefighters around the world who work so hard to protect the people.  Thank you.

One thought on “What a Day!!!!”

  1. This is lovely Sis….those memories are sweet ones and not just cuz they are filled with chocolate. I love you.

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