Busy Times

I’ve been parked in Tucson now for 12 days, and still haven’t caught my breath!  Wow!

Last week I had two doctor appointments – cardiologist and dermatologist.  So far, all is well.  Today I went to the dentist – again, good news – I get to keep my teeth.  And I have an appointment in July to meet a new primary physician.  One of the main concerns I’ve had is having consistent health and dental care.  Seeing the same doctor each time is helpful for continuity of care and treatment – I feel I can relax a bit more that way.

In-between these appointments I’ve been getting acclimated in the park, learning about where the laundry is, how to get my mail, where to put outgoing mail, finding the library and borrowing books, connecting with the “Home Alone” program (so if you’re sick or dead, someone will know about it right away!), and meeting some of my neighbors.

I’ve also been joining my friends in the three-times-a-week exercise class they’ve been a part of for a couple of years.  I’ve visited the class several times as a guest when I’ve come to Tucson to see friends, and now I expect to go regularly, as a member.  And for more fun, we go out for brunch after each class.  Who says you have to eat each time?  Just the fun of getting out and socializing is worth the time.

And to top things off, I’m planning a trip via Amtrak to the east coast to celebrate my niece’s wedding.  I hope to meet a lot of interesting people as I travel across the country – leaving the driving to someone else – and see some interesting things.  I’m looking forward to that five-hour layover in Chicago in the way out, so I can get a decent look at the city, and have a nice lunch.  AND I expect to have a wonderful time with family I haven’t seen for a few years.

In preparation for the trip I’ve also been making a gift for my niece and her fiance – something beaded – and that has taken quite a bit of time as well.  But what else have I got?

I AM looking forward to resting a little when I get back from my trip, and really settling into the neighborhood.  There are some activities that I think will be fun – water exercises, bridge, dancing – tomorrow night I think I’ll visit the karaoke to see what’s happen’.

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