An Uplifting Day

Since arriving in Tucson I’ve been attending exercise classes three times a week.  After the class my friends and I often go for a bite to eat.  Today was no exception.  We went to a new place for me and I had a very simple meal of two poached eggs, home fries, and sliced tomatoes (no wheat, no dairy).

After our meal we parted company and I drove around the corner to Kohl’s for some serious underwear shopping.  You see, I’ve lost about 35 pounds now, and as any woman who has done this knows, some of the first fat to go is in the boobs.  And as a woman ages, gravity works to make sure that the once perky things droop.  That’s two strikes against looking decent in a fitted shirt or blouse.  And no more wet T-shirts for us, either!

So I began my quest to find out my new size as well as find something that did the job of holding me in the right place, with no bulges or gaps.  I first browsed the extensive inventory of bras – racks and racks of all kinds of designs, sizes, and styles.  OMG!!!  Padded or unpadded?  Push up, perhaps?  Wired or not?  Lace or plain? White or beige, or skin-tone, or some other color, leopard or zebra, or polka dots?  Minimizer?  Hell no!!!

On my initial effort I tagged about a dozen bras and found the dressing room to begin the process.  First the fit, regardless of the stated size.  I began trying them all on to see what subtle differences there were in the fit, the feel, and the look.  About half-way through, the water I drank at my brunch meal woke up my bladder, and created a need for me to do this ‘fitting’ more quickly than I wanted.  I managed to complete trying them all on, and select about three I wanted to evaluate further.

Then I went looking for the restroom (in the far corner on the other side of the store from where I had walked to to inquire about the location.)  I took the three possibles with me, only to find the sign that read something to the effect of  ‘don’t take unpurchased merchandise in there with me’.  So I left them outside the entry to the Ladies Room on a nearby counter.  Afterward I re-collected them and went back to the lingerie area to select more possibles.

I chose about another dozen potential candidates and headed once again to the dressing room.  As I approached, a floor worker was collecting all the rejected items of clothing left by other customers, as well as the rejects I’d left.  I waited for her to get them all before I entered the dressing room again.

After trying on all of the second batch, I was again down to three choices.  Finally I made my selection.  When I left the dressing area I placed the unwanted items on the shelf, just before the floor worker came by.  I saw her body language say, OMG, and she just groaned at the ‘work’ I’d left for her, to return them all back to the racks.  And my thought was, “Be glad you didn’t have to try them all on!”

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2 thoughts on “An Uplifting Day”

  1. I know you tried to demonstrate how difficult that whole process is. When I lost weight I would tell people I had to buy new bras. They just shrugged not appreciating what an exasperating process that is when you have NO IDEA what size you are. Cute story!
    You sound like your settling in nicely.

    1. Thanks, Gracie, for your validation. It is extremely nerve-wracking and very tiring. Most women I know do not relish the thought of bra shopping, except for the prospect of getting some ‘pretty’ lingerie and throwing out the stretched, inefficient old ones.

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