Skipping Around

Although I have stories to tell about the trip out to Virginia, I’ll begin them later, as the freshest event and photos are more available.

I arrived at my destination in Virginia on Thursday evening around 8:00 p.m.  My daughter met me at the depot, and we had a very warm exchange.  It’s been four years since our last visit together.  We ended up staying up late, and sleeping in a little on Friday, before beginning our trek to eastern Maryland.

It’s 150 miles to my sister’s house and another several miles to my niece’s.  The occasion of our visit was my niece’s wedding reception on Saturday and cookout on Sunday.  It had also been four years since I’d seen them too.

For me, the connections between us all have become so much stronger as a result of this visit.  This time I had more opportunity to become more acquainted with my nephews (brothers of the bride) and the bride’s husband, as well as my nephews’ life partners.  I shared my jewelry making with the women, and they shared their jewelry making with me.  My sister and niece-in-law make very ethereal-looking jewelry – necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in silver and gemstones.  My sister gifted me with a silver spiral necklace that resembles a swan, and a pair of ‘gypsy’ earrings in silver.  I gifted her with an amethyst necklace and matching earrings (purple being her favorite color.)  What fun to share our ideas and skills through our creations!

The wedding reception took place at a lovely area known as Broome’s Island.  It’s on the water that connects with the Chesapeake Bay.  Although the temperature was approaching very warm, with a much higher level of humidity than I am accustomed to, the breezes managed to make the environment very  comfortable.

We all took lots of photos.  Someone took a shot of all the ‘paparazzi’ taking photos of the bride and groom cutting the cake…hilarious!  Not only lots of photos but also lots of humor, playfulness, and laughter – it was a happy party!

I’m so glad I was able to share these wonderful moments with my family, and especially with those I hadn’t seen since they were much younger.  At a certain time in the past there was tension in our relationships, and we didn’t see each other very often, or even call or email.  Through the encouragement of my children, we have reconnected in a way that it would be impossible to be in that kind of place again.  Thanks guys!


2 thoughts on “Skipping Around”

  1. What a wonderful story! Not having sibblings, I would not be able to relate except that one cousin became “Sis” after we met as adults and spent a weekend together about 40 years ago. Long distance moves and misunderstandings become the great separators. Eventually, the old stuff fades away we become human at last.
    Sons are different than daughters and perhaps one day those fences will be mended, too.
    How old is Broome Island? It happens to be an old family name. I never did research that side of the family and now there is no one to give me any details.
    How exciting you have sister and neices who make jewelry, too! Great to share that with them! See you soon…Love, B

    1. My niece considers my daughter as her sister, although she also has a sister-in-law. They have been arguing (nicely) about who’s supposed to visit, and how often…Niece is a little bossy, like her mother, and has more resources – but the world should revolve around her, as the baby of the family – last child born into the family of me and my two sisters. While she can be demanding, she is also a very sweet woman, and has become much softer in recent years. I love her.

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