No News is Good News

In recent weeks I’ve been listening to NPR on a regular basis.  I have to say I am bored to tears!!!  News?  What news?  Lots of rehashing of events that come to the attention of the media.  But there is nothing NEW about it.

I am so sick of the ‘low-key’ melodrama that is displayed on these programs, and the fears that are still being promulgated, all-be-it so ‘intelligently’.  Also all the promotion of new books by authors on Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, the military, “what’s wrong with the world”, politics, the economy, the FUTURE!!!, etc.

If the media put as much energy into digging up good stuff as they use digging up negative stuff, we’d be much better off.  And we all know ‘good stuff’ doesn’t make money. Look at how we are distracted from the important things.  Sex, money, greed, and so on – they take our focus away from our good stuff.

The metaphysicist in me decries these broadcasts of future ills to rain down on humankind.  As author Wayne Dyer wrote, “Believing is seeing.”  If one puts forward the energy to see these things in the future, and if many, many humans believe what they are hearing, there WILL be evidence of them.  We see what we want to see.

Now, I’m a realist.  Yes, things are happening in the world.  We are in a global community.  And we’re going through some tough times:  perhaps these tough times are the result of our thinking from the past.  Is what is happening now a result of how we thought ‘back then’?  The fear we felt ‘back then’, in the good ol’ days?

The illustration for this post says it for me.  No news – with my head down, looking for my food, my nourishment, up close and personal – is definitely the best!  I need to stay focused on where I am, where I live, what’s happening in my town.  I don’t need to get all excited and emotional, and frightened about what is happening elsewhere.  That is not to say that I do not need to be aware of other things; I’m not in denial. Being aware and being emotionally involved are two different things.  It’s the emotions that transmit our desires to the Universe…If we are afraid, we will get more fear.

I read today that no one has actually seen an ostrich with its head in the sand.  It only looks that way because the ostrich picks up sand and pebbles with its food for its digestion.   So I have my focus; my head is down, and my ears and other senses are still working…


3 thoughts on “No News is Good News”

  1. Wow Su! I cannot help but wonder what the local NPR is offering for your listening pleasures! When I have radio, only in my car….. NPR is the only station I do listen to……because there are no commercials and the music is pleasing. There is very little news, old or new, for which I am thankful!

    I did enjoy your train trip episode and your comments about the family contacts as well….


    1. Hi Elizabeth, There are two public radio stations in Tucson. One broadcasts news and ‘intellectual’ programs (that sometimes includes music, as in interviews with musicians) and fun programs like Prairie Home Companion (on the weekends); the other broadcasts about 95% music with news occasionally. They split off the music from the news a few years ago. I ‘toggle’ between them. Sometimes the music is too raucous for me (a lot of piano concertos and more modern ‘classical’ upset my energy.) So then I tune into a 70s-80s station until it gets boring. A lot of days I don’t listen to any radio – just myself… 😉

  2. When I listen to the radio, it is for pleasure – MUSIC! I do not listen to talky-talk shows of opinions, no matter whose they are. What would be the purpose of upsetting myself when I prefer staying in my state of calm presence. Sometimes I listen to my own thoughts as I work around the house or bead and they alone, are enough to entertain me and to interest me. I find that my mind reaches out into the ethers and brings interesting tid bits to examine more closely – sort of like shopping. Do I like this – does it benefit me – does it fit – nah, back on the rack. I have learned that BEING is my position now and absorbing the messages I receive from the Universe. Oh, I do love the Universe.:O) Love, Bobbie

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