Early Morning Rain

It’s been two hours since I awakened to the thunder rolling across the valley in Tucson.  YES!  Rain.  I just HAD to get up and sit in the doorway, smelling the air as the drops splashed down.

It was just an hour before sunrise, so I watched the sky lighten and brighten.  As I sat I thought about how so many folks like to learn the history of a place, to be able to talk to others about it.  I realized that I just like to experience it, and share that with others.  (Okay, that’s why I have a blog…)  I guess it’s my way of saying “Oh, look at that!”  Or, “What to you think about that?”  Discussing how the environment works to produce the monsoons and drought, or talking about who lived here thousands of years ago and what happened just isn’t my favorite thing.  I like sitting and taking it all in, enjoying it.  And, when there’s no one sitting next to me to share it, I write about it.

Soon there will be no evidence of this morning’s rain.  It will be around 105 degrees today, and with the clouds, a little more humidity.  Another day to hibernate – or as I recently wrote to a friend, “siesta”, beginning around 10:30 a.m. and lasting to 7:30 p.m.  The weather report says that more rain is not expected until the weekend, when many ‘celebrate’ Independence Day.

The rain is another reason to celebrate here – it’s been 81 days since the last drops fell on Tucson.


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