Getting a Break

Ooh, whee!  It’s been hotter’n blazes here, and if you’ve kept up with the Arizona fires, you know it’s been pretty bad.

Well, we are just about ready for a break in the weather – still hot, but it looks like the monsoons are coming!  Yay!

This morning I woke up earlier than usual – around 3:30.  After trying to get back to sleep for about an hour, with no success, I got up.  I wanted to feel how cool (hot) it was outside, as the AC had run occasionally all night.  It was still close to 80 degrees outside, but there was a nice breeze.  And ‘clouds over Tucson’.

I hibernated in the house all day, not even to go to exercise class mid-morning.  Just as the sun was setting I stepped outside once again, and Wow!  More clouds over Tucson!  It’s exciting!

I’m looking forward to the rain, as I imagine all beings in this desert are.

One thought on “Getting a Break”

  1. Ohhh…Whee….is right on! Came in to e-mail you to see what happened this AM to you. I sure felt like rolling over as the new clouds and pressure are causing pains all over…Kitty, too, is limping more. Poor “old lady kitty.”
    But…take a look at the 3rd photo at the hand and arm reaching out to the right and the delicate fingers. What a glorious photo!

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