Monsoon is Here!!!

On Monday I attended a two-hour musical celebration of Independence Day at the University of Arizona.  It was sizzling when I arrived with my friends; however, it was pouring down rain when we left.  Nothing to do but walk in the rain, getting soaked, and fording small ‘streams’ in bare feet.

When I got home I saw what the wind and rain had done to rearrange my patio.  The pots had been stacked like a sculpture of sorts.  The wind gods decided to change the form of that.  Luckily, none of them was broken.

Yesterday, in late afternoon, the clouds once again came together to darken the sky and let go of their payload.  With winds recorded over 70 miles an hour, the storm lasted about 30-45 minutes.  “Round Two” with the patio arrangement.  I had put each of the pots, with their saucers, on the carpet unstacked.  It was like the magician’s act where he takes the tablecloth from under the plates.  That carpet came from underneath those pots, and wrapped itself around the chair.  Incredible!  Again, no damage to the pots – or anything else.  I’ve been lucky.  We’ve had downed trees as well as  roofs blown off  in the park.  Some folks in the larger area lost electric power because of damage.

The trailer did a lot of rockin’ and rollin’, I must say.  I’ve been in microbursts in the trailer before, and it does feel very scarey with the wind pushing against it.  Luckily I put the awning up a few days ago when I saw that high winds were forecast for the afternoons.

More storms are forecast for the rest of the week.  Who knows what they will bring, besides life to the desert?



One thought on “Monsoon is Here!!!”

  1. I’m so glad you’re finally getting some rain. I’ve been ashamed to complain that everywhere we’ve gone this year has had record rainfall – three and a half months of almost daily rains.

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