So Beautiful…

I just had to share.

Yesterday morning the sky was overcast, and as the sun came up behind the clouds I remembered that old saying, “Red sky in morning, sailor take warning.”  The sky was red and beautiful with the sun’s beams creating different shades of red, orange, yellow.

Then, yesterday evening I sensed that the light had changed, so I took a look outside.  Oh, a beautiful rainbow!  And just behind it a storm – as it finally got to where I am, the sky was dark like night and there was a lot of thunder and lightning.  It’s been awesome to be able to stand in my doorway, or on my steps and look out toward the mountains.  Always a changing view – always something beautiful to see.

Like a water color – Morning

Up to Heaven – Evening

I just wanted to share…


3 thoughts on “So Beautiful…”

  1. Su, I saw it all, too, to the east through my patio doors…the rainbow was breathtaking in the cool crisp air – oh, so clean. This morning I sat again to the east to see the sunrise, all red and pink and peach and then lavender…what a paintbrush He has! Bobbie

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