Laughing at Myself

As I lay in my bed this morning, before the sun was up, I heard an owl.  I hadn’t heard an owl here before, and I wondered where it was.  There aren’t any trees around me that I think an owl would be able to perch in.  But I wasn’t going to get out of my nice warm bed to go look.

Awhile later, after I’d had my breakfast and put on my clothes I went outside to walk the garbage to the dumpster on the other side of the RV section of the park.  I walked across the street to the truck to retrieve my sunglasses.  As I turned around I saw it – an owl!!!  It was perched on the TV antenna on my next-door neighbor’s house.

I decided I should have a photo of it before it flew away, so I walked back across the street and got my camera.  The owl was looking the other way, so I couldn’t see its eyes.  I took several photos with the zoom lens to be certain I got a good shot.  Then I walked to the back of the neighbor’s house, between them and me, to see if I could get a better shot.

Well, that’s when I realized…the owl wasn’t real!  Oh, my!  I’d been deceived, just like maybe the rabbits and rodents that live around here.  And I wondered if maybe the hooting I’d heard earlier was from a recording.  Well, of course not!  I DID hear an owl this morning, just not that one!

In the Medicine Cards book “Owl” represents deception.  “…You are being asked to use your powers of keen, silent observation to intuit some life situation…Owl is …aiding you in seeing the total truth.  Pay attention to the signals and omens.  The truth always brings further enlightenment…Ask yourself what you are in the dark about.  How and by whom are you being deceived?  Have you lied to yourself about someone or something?  Are you being greatly deceived, or just slightly deceived?..Remember that Owl is always asking “Who?”

I feel so silly knowing that I was taken in by the idea that the owl was real.  So this is my meditation for the day.  I just have to laugh… 😳 😆

3 thoughts on “Laughing at Myself”

  1. Once a year only, when I’m at Crazy Horse, the screech owls wake me in the night as they converse. Interesting that I was at an introspective and learning point at the time – recognizing the truth in relationships from the other persons’ perspectives….

    Ceeby was recently fooled by an over-sized goose in front of a trailer in Nebraska – admittedly so was I at first glance. Love the posts – keep ’em coming!

  2. Hi Sue, that would be a thing that I would do LOL. but I may not tell on myself. There is one of those fake owls here, that is sating in a tree near the office and for the first few days I am here it scary me every time I walk around the corner LOL. Laughing at ones self is one of the finer pleasure of life!

    1. And I was thinking that this one’s breast feathers looked so beautiful! Painted on, for gosh sake! I used to have one of those owls, too, when I first started RVing – I think my companion must have thrown in out. It’s just too funny.

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