The Desert Crones of Tucson

Four and a half years ago I was living in Tucson in an RV park with my partner.  Unexpectedly he passed away, and I began making adjustments.  One of those adjustments was to wait for a year before deciding what to do about where to live.  The day before my partner died I’d planned to go to a meeting of a group I’d read about in the newspaper.  Afterward, once I’d dealt with the immediate issues, I went to a meeting of  the Desert Crones of Tucson, a group of women over 50 who meet once a week for friendship and personal growth.  I needed them.

I made some very close friendships through my attendance at these meetings.  I grew a lot, and the support of these women helped me heal from my loss.  After that first year I decided to start traveling solo, and wasn’t able to get to the meetings; however, I supported the group and attended their annual holiday luncheon in December.  Those first years on the road by myself I stayed in Deming, NM for the winter because the headquarters for the solo RV club I belong to is located there, and I could afford it.  It’s only a few hours from Tucson, so I’d drive over and stay with my friend so I could go to the luncheon.

The group supports itself with minimal annual dues, personal gifts, and the raffle that takes place at the luncheon.  Each woman brings gently used items they no longer want, or items they’ve made or purchased for the occasion, and tickets are sold.  It is great fun to see who gets what, and the trades that are made at the end of the event.  And it’s an easy way to support the group.

In addition to having guest speakers, a monthly writing day and a monthly drumming circle, these ladies support groups within the community.  Each week they bring their change to support a charity they’ve voted on.  This year they decided that their contribution would be given to the Pima Council on Aging.  This past Monday they presented a check for $500 to the representative of the Council at this year’s luncheon.  In the past they have also given large sums of money to the Community Food Bank.

I want to publicly acknowledge this group of older women, the ‘elders’ of the community, for their good work.  If you know of a woman who is 50 or over, and who lives in the area, and who is looking for a place to make friends, send them to the Desert Crones of Tucson.  They are a great group of women!

I was planning to provide a link to the Desert Crones web site; however, it is currently under construction to include updated information.  You can find a brief article about the group at   If you would like to receive an email about the weekly meetings, please let me know and I will pass your request to the newsletter editor.

4 thoughts on “The Desert Crones of Tucson”

  1. I really love your writing. Funny, I remember when we first became acquainted online – before 4 1/2 years ago. We still have much in common. If I’m ever in your area, we need to have dinner and a very long chat. Best to you…..

  2. Wow, Su, Thank you for the lovely post about the group! I will pass on to several Crones to enjoy! We have changed and grown in the 11 years I have been a member, but still the underlying theme stays constant and we support each other with the same heart of older women who care. Love, Bobbie

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