This Little Light O’ Mine

It’s been many years now, since the dream I had of being in a dark house – so dark I could not see anything – no “phantom” lights, no street lights, no moon.  Just darkness.  EXCEPT the flickering light of a candle in the living room.  I wasn’t in the living room, I could only see the flickering of the light.

That was one of the early dreams that led me into making significant changes in my life.  I wasn’t living, really.  Yet the light was still glowing, showing me the way.  That is why my favorite scripture is “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

This is the Season of Light all around the world, regardless of religious beliefs.  As humans we understand our need for the light, for our sun, the life-giver of this planet.  We have created metaphors and symbols about light because we are drawn to it, just as a moth is drawn to the flame.

We carry the light in the cells of our bodies.  Our bodies know the light.  Our bodies carry our mind and our spirit.  They too, know the light.  Christians celebrate the Christ light in this season; yet, the Christ light shines within all humans, although it may be called by some other name by others.

It is when we become aware of the light within us that we are ‘enlightened’.  We aren’t permanently enlightened because we’re human, and we forget.  So there’s a process of gradual opening to the magnificent light we carry within ourselves.  You’ve probably heard the saying, “I’ve seen the light.”  Yes, that’s what it means when we have an awakened moment.

On this Winter Solstice, as the light begins to increase during the dark winter, I wish the warmth of the light for all.

Let there be Light.

One thought on “This Little Light O’ Mine”

  1. Beautiful…clear light…like a crystal, it shines. It made me think of a day in Vienna,VA. when it had snowed and afterwards I went to the store, traveling down a white covered street with a canopy of white, crystal – crusted trees. It seemed the whole world was a crystal palace and I felt like a floating feather. Wonderful piece!
    Love, Bobbie

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