2,500 Paper Bags

That’s the number of paper bags filled with sand and votive candles for the Christmas Eve 2011 Luminarias celebration at Tumacacori National Historical Park.  The bags were hand-folded by a 92 year-old volunteer over the summer.  Two piles of sand, about 20-30 staff and volunteers, two hours of filling, carting and placing the traditional nighttime lights.

Two thousand, six hundred visitors between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Loading a wagon for delivery

Lifting candle wicks and inserting into sand in bag

Placing luminarias on roof

Delivery for mission sanctuary

In the Garden

On the Garden Wall

All done!!!

Front of Mission

About 20 voices singing carols while visitors wait for the doors to open.

Hundreds of dozens of homemade cookies made by staff, volunteers, and friends of the community, and 50 gallons of Mexican hot chocolate

A beautiful sight. (Click on this photo to see larger)

A beautiful night.

Note:  The photographer (Moi) also filled bags, placed candles, sang in the choir, and served cookies…and had a great time!)

3 thoughts on “2,500 Paper Bags”

  1. It is good to know you are a happy camper! I always enjoy your blog! Remember Mike and Rosie who were here when you were 2 yrs ago??? They arrived this past Friday morning…. and are leaving tomorrow…. Rosie asked about you….She is now playing a uke with Mike…. They are so cute together….We played music every day. Mostly Mike and I with keyboards….in my rig….. We got about 6″ of snow and it began to melt today…. It has been COLD!

    Have a great 2012…. come see me sometime? I am probably not going to be traveling in my rig anymore…..

    Love, Light, Hugs, & Harmony….. Elizabeth

  2. I have fond memories of filling and seeing luminarias in the El Paso TX area. I often threaten to do them here in MIssouri but my husband believes it is too wet here; and I suppose, the danger of fire here in the forest must be considered too – though I’ve never known a luminaria to catch fire.

    Happiest of holiday seasons to you, dear friend.

  3. Nice post. What a lovely new year kind of thing to do. I’ll bet it looked wonderful.
    Hasnt this Year been grand?

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