Transition is the Hardest

This is a phrase I’ve used many times since going through the birthing process with my children.  Each new beginning grows into fullness and the birthing of something new.  I’m in the birthing process of my new place in the world, here in Tucson.  The labor has begun!  And the transition IS the hardest!

Early last month I initiated my application for a low-income housing program that my close friend told me about that was featured in the local paper last summer (I don’t get the paper).  At that time the program really appealed to me; however, as I’d just arrived in Tucson, and had committed my funds to a year’s lease, I wasn’t ready to go forward. I attended an informational meeting in August and spoke with the ‘players’ in the program.

After investigating local apartments, regularly checking housing options on Craigslist, and not finding what I was looking for, I went back to the program, and began the process.  The Pima County Community Land Trust offers renovated, ‘green’, upgraded homes that have been previously foreclosed to low-income buyers, who need to meet certain criteria.  I was already familiar with the idea of a land trust because I’d looked into a co-housing community in Denver when I lived there.  In a land trust, one buys the structure and rents the land the structure is on.  In addition, when the owner wants to sell, s/he is limited to a certain amount of equity, so that others can purchase affordable housing in the community.  The rest of the equity is returned to the trust to support the new buyer(s).

I really never thought I’d have another place as nice and affordable as the one I selected.  I am scheduled to close on my new place the end of this month.  The mortgage payment is much less than any of the rents I found, and I have a wonderful space, built in 2006,  that includes two bedrooms, two full baths, a two-car garage, great room with vaulted ceiling, and a small enclosed back yard.  The living area faces south, and there’s not a lick of flora back there, but there’s potential for using the knowledge I’ve gleaned about dealing with all that sun.  I’m excited to have a clean slate for creating a new garden!

So this is where the transition comes in.  As a project in ‘the birth channel’ there is a lot of work to be done before the ‘baby’ is free and clear.  There is the matter of finding a buyer for my trailer, and possibly my truck, plus changing my address ad infinitum, changing my Medicare plan, and getting my vehicles registered, with a new driver’s license (yet again).  Today I put a ‘for sale’ sign on the front of the trailer, sent a classified to the RV club’s newsletter, and made two notices for posting here in the park.  Tonight I began taking down the artsy things affixed to the walls, and over the windows, to put them away until I can get into the new place.  There is definitely a LOT of work to do.  When it’s done, I’ll take a big  breath – the new breath of a new life off the road.

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