The ‘War on Women’

Yep, it’s been a while since my last post, and I was planning to write something more cheerful and pertinent to my new life as a Tucson homeowner.

However, a friend of mine from Colorado has engaged me in a political activity that I find very important – namely legislation across the nation that is eroding a woman’s right to choose medical care, medical treatment, and her ability to make personal decisions about her own body.  Most of this legislation is being promulgated by those who would be labeled ‘conservative’, or ‘right wing’, or ‘religious fundamentalist’.  While I really dislike labels, most people tend to understand how these words identify a certain perspective or world view about life.

It’s my intent here to basically highlight some of the issues that are being put through state legislation across the county.  This is not a complete compilation of issues, and there is an abundance of places on the web where you might find more than what I list here. My intent is to bring awareness to some of the issues and let the reader decide whether to ignore them or become engaged with them.

I am now an Arizona resident, and I find it appalling to see the number of bills being brought to the state house that infringe on women’s rights.  And I’m guessing that those women whose rights are being eroded don’t even know it – they are not paying attention to the legislative shenanigans because they are busy with trying to keep their households going.

This is the national web site for Unite Against the War on Women, with links to the state organizations.  There will be a march on the state house in Phoenix on April 28, 2012.

ACLU form letter to Kansas governor Brownback protesting protection of doctors who withhold information about possible birth defects to avoid abortion –  A similar bill was passed in the Arizona state senate.  It was introduced by senator Nancy Barto, who happens to be from my new district.  She’s going to get a message from me!

From a man’s point of view…

Women are really angry and are sending messages to legislators’ facebook pages –

A blogger writes about a bill introduced in Arizona regarding payment for contraceptives by morally-opposed employers –

Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett sounds off about ultrasound bill:

If you are going to read only one of these articles, read this one!!!  Ohio state senator Nina Turner fights back introducing a bill concerning men’s reproductive medical treatment:

An article on ‘personhood’ legislation –

I find it interesting that now corporations are ‘persons’ and there is a movement to make unborn fetuses ‘persons’; yet real people – WOMEN – are not deemed able to make decisions about their personhood when it comes to reproductive rights.

We in this country need to have a dialogue – a conversation – about our country’s values – not through political rhetoric, but community by community to come to terms with the changes we have experienced since our forefathers established this country.  There needs to be more tolerance for differences between people and groups; and there needs to be a vision that is for everyone – not just some – not just “my way”.  Our leaders need to be the ones to actually lead the conversation – with a view toward what is the best for ALL Americans, not just certain groups or states or individuals.  So we need to find and elect leaders who will do this.  If the representative for my community, state, or national government is not providing the kind of leadership necessary, I’m not going to vote for him/her.  I think that as Americans we have allowed our government to get out of balance through apathy and our willingness to ‘let others do it’.  Females are the majority of citizens in the United States – 51 percent.  Yet they are not represented at this level, and they suffer at the hands of the 49 percent.  This needs to change!

And now, I intend to go on with the rest of my day…


5 thoughts on “The ‘War on Women’”

  1. Hi Su, I don’t think it is a man/woman fight at all. I think it is a left/right fight. So don’t pick on us guys to much ………. please? Doctor should not withhold any medical info for any reason, if you ask me. I fully support a woman right to choice, so give them hell.

    1. Thanks, John, for your comment. I agree it’s not the guys…there are many who are supportive of women’s issues. It’s the political arena that is the problem – people looking for power – left and right – male AND female. I honestly don’t understand the women legislators and their followers who support and introduce some of these bills. It’s totally confusing. When I was beginning to “grow up” (at the age of 47!) I was determined to not be angry with half (almost) of the world’s population. It’s not productive. We women need you, and you guys also need us!!! It’s just that we forget that sometimes…

  2. Hi Su! I so agree with you. Where did these people come from, especially the women, who are so narrow-minded, even close-minded. Do they project these views to get attention or do they really believe the words that come out of their mouths? Whether you believe in abortion or not, the real issue here is CHOICE! And I will resist to my last breath the denial of that right. My letters are in process and I’m collecting names. (Love your blog!)

  3. The women of the world will have to change it. Keep on keepin’ on. We’ve been told for so long that we’re second class, we believe it. Men aren’t making the world a better place.
    We have to realize we are the majority. We are first class. We need to step forward and take the reign and the reins.
    Good for you, Su

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