On Making Adjustments

I keep hearing myself say I need to write again, and I ask, “about what?”  So today I just sat down and started.

The days since the closing of escrow on the house have added up to almost a month’s worth already, and I find myself pretty much settled in, although I have several unpacked boxes with contents that need shelves.  Yet I feel agitation about this new life…I suppose it’s all about adjusting.

I took the trailer to the dealer for consignment, and feel disappointed in my efforts to sell it.  I find I’m relieved, though, to not have to worry about it, not have to store it somewhere, and still be responsible for maintaining it.  I’m also grateful that I did have some help in getting it hitched up.  I really didn’t want to do it even one more time!

I’ve been enjoying putting things in place, and sometimes sitting outside, looking at my yard.  There is a lot of imagining that goes on there, as the weeds have been growing quite well, and profusely.  Yesterday I was able to get the weed killer out to spray every last one of them.  And what I missed I’ve tried to get today.  I can see how I might become obsessive about this!  There is one particular weed that is the dominant one, and it seems to just pop up overnight from under the gravel.

Last night as I was enjoying the almost full moon, my old fold-up canvas chair that I’ve hauled all over the country finally became unusable.  So I unpacked one of the lounge chairs that I’ve also hauled around the country, and sat for awhile.  My friend gave me a solar ‘swan’ light that is blue at night, and along with the other solar lights I have, the environment was quite enjoyable.  The next thing is to get my new plants in the ground, and spread out the artificial grass carpet (also hauled around) to extend the sitting area.

I put up some gauze curtains at my bedroom window that faces the street, to give a sense of separation and softness.  I’m so delighted with my cleverness at finding some metal double coat hooks to hold the aspen sapling I cut in Colorado for a walking staff.  I draped the gauze (a gift from my friend) over the stick, and it looks great!

A couple of days ago I opened a box of  ‘accessories’ that  literally were hanging around the trailer from cabinet handles.  They made great fan pulls for the ceiling fans.  Up on the ladder several times to get them just right.  I love them!   And I hung my wind chime – up on the ladder one more time to put an eye screw in the roof overhang from which to suspend it.  The evening breeze caught the sail slightly and it sounded so nice!

I’ve met a few of my neighbors.  Connected to my house – like a duplex, but designed and built as a townhouse – is my neighbor’s house.  We’d spoken briefly one day – the first thing he asked me was how much did I pay for my house…Then on Sunday, when I found my body vibrating to the beat of the bass in his bedroom, through our joint wall, I made a visit.  I learned that he has no desire or intent to cooperate in moderating the sound level of his music or caring about being a good neighbor.  He did say that as he works all week, and this was his day off,  he (felt entitled) to watch his games and listen to his music, as he pleased.  What I noticed was that each evening this week I’ve been assaulted by his relaxation…Last night I slammed the door to the bedroom that is adjacent to his and went into the living room – thankfully I am sleeping in the other bedroom! – and perhaps coincidentally the music stopped for the night.

Last weekend I went with friends to the “Welcome Home Veterans” parade in downtown Tucson.  We had flags and a great place in the shade to wait for the parade to pass us.  Then we had lunch in a restaurant near my new house that I’d not been to before.  I’m slowly learning my way around this part of town.  I have noticed, though, that not any of my bank’s branches are near me.

Through the Internet I continue to spread the word about political action regarding women’s rights.  Every day there is something new to respond to.  I know I need to be careful to not let this take over my life; however, there is so much that needs to change.  I add my voice and some of my wisdom through my writing on facebook and The Huffington Post, through petitions from Planned Parenthood and some of the Democratic action committees.  I’ll be going to Phoenix later this month to put my voice with other women’s voices about the barriers that are being placed on women’s civil rights.

So, a lot going on.  I try to remind myself to take things slowly.  I know I’m agitated about everything though, because I can’t stop eating!  Eating the wrong things!  It’s an emotional response that I need to get a grip on before I gain back what I lost!

Taking a deep breath…..

2 thoughts on “On Making Adjustments”

  1. Oh ……….. the one feeling I loved about becoming a non-property owner was the feeling of no more being stuck with bad neighbors that I can’t escape from. I am sorry to hear you got one. Hopefully things will get better as you become more estabished in your home. Best of luck with it.

    1. Hey, John! I keep waiting for him to move to Idaho where he said he’d applied for work, LOL!!! Happily, the bedroom I sleep in isn’t the one adjacent to his!!! I use the ‘master bedroom’ for my studio/office – still, it’s annoying.

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