Here Comes the Future

Picking up the thread from the last post, I found just the right pieces of used furniture from garage sales, and plants from my friend’s backyard, and trees from Trees for Tucson to more or less complete the picture for this new space.  Every day I find such contentment sitting in the cool morning air, with a cup of coffee and an eye on whatever makes its presence known – sometimes a lizard, sometimes a bee, or a bird.  I know I had similar feelings when I was on the road, parked in a beautiful setting with the ‘wild’ all around me.  I’ve come to realize that somehow, as nice as it was, it just wasn’t home for me.

I’ve surprised myself in my involvement with UniteWomen and politics which I didn’t get involved in before, mostly because it’s hard to do when you are from nowhere, and don’t have that proverbial real estate for a residence.  Now that I do have that ‘home base’ – a real brick and mortar place – from which to create, I feel much more comfortable exercising my ‘voice’.  Through facebook I’ve been doing this a lot.  Because I know my energy I opted out of going to the rally in Phoenix.  I couldn’t make myself ride with 60 excited women to be in the heat for four or more hours. I’m not a ‘crowd’ person, preferring to connect one-on-one and in small groups.  I don’t know how it’s going to look from here out, but I do know I will continue to speak out.

I’ve thought about the question of how I can be ‘traveling alchemist’ when I’m no longer on the road; however, I’ve always seen this traveling as not only physical, but also philosophical and spiritual, and maybe shamanic as well.  I’m journeying, wandering about, or meandering through these days.  And through it all, it continues to be about transforming the dark, leaden places in my life into light, golden understanding and love for myself.

My friend went with me to shop for furniture at the garage sales. I know she noticed that I was drawn to a wooden bowl that had a crack in it.  I picked it up and put it back down, an old habit from traveling in a small space – enjoy, but don’t buy – no place to put it!  My friend picked it up and asked me would I like it – I said yes, and she gifted it to me.  It’s been sitting on the dining table, empty, but not empty.  I call it my abundance bowl because it is so big to hold a lot, and it has held a lot, and maybe not so much.  But it has held so much that it cracked from the abundance of the contents, and the abundance of use it received.  It is a metaphor for me.  Each day when I get out of bed, and each night when I go to sleep I am so grateful for all I have received.

So now I’ve pretty much settled in – I have the furniture that is most necessary – the plants and trees are planted so I can sit and enjoy, watch and wait for whatever will come.  Now it’s a matter of refining things, like getting a little more organized, putting some things in better order.  But pretty much the move has been completed and the future, the new beginning, is here.

4 thoughts on “Here Comes the Future”

  1. It’s so pleasing to hear that your new beginning is living up to your expectations! A mutual friend suggested over lunch a few weeks ago that I start a blog. Slow internet connections where we’re currently parked have delayed that plan. However, I, too, expect to be giving voice to important issues as well as simple things such as our ‘resident raven’.

  2. Very nice…very nice…I am so pleased to be a small part of this tapestry. Love, B

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