Free to Get Cooked

Last year around this time I wrote about independence and how we are losing our freedoms as citizens of this country.  While it is not quite the day of our Independence Day celebration, I want to put forward the thoughts that came to me today.

I was preparing payment envelopes for my bills today, which needed some stamps.   As I pulled out my stamps I noticed that they are the ‘forever’ stamps, with the United States of America flag on each one, and a series of different words – Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Equality. Those words sound so inspiring and patriotic, don’t they?

Given my fairly recent venture into politics through and walking in my Congressman’s district for signatures, I have become more vocal about the blatant hypocrisy in our government and the barriers to Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Equality.  These words mean nothing unless they are applied to EVERY American citizen equally. So here, in the U.S.A., they have little meaning, to me.

We give lip service to these words. Freedom and Justice for ALL – the land of the Free and the home of the Brave.  Let us stop and think about what we are saying, in these days and times, when we say these words.  Do we believe it?  Is it now a myth?

When men and women are not treated equally in the workplace, in how they live their personal lives, or in religious practice, they are not free.  When barriers are placed, one after another, to limit a certain group’s behavior because it is seen as immoral by another group, that is not Equality, or Justice, or Liberty.

When what is promulgated by our ‘responsible’ congress and legislatures as ‘the way’, we all suffer if we take what is offered at face value.  We are constantly bombarded with words, hysteria, lies, about what is true and what to believe.  We ARE free to choose; however, we must discern what is true and what is right for us, as individuals.  We need to be able to do that safely, without another looking over our shoulders to see if we chose ‘correctly’.

I recently read an article about how we are like the frog that was put into the pot of water, and the pot was heated.  The frog didn’t realize it was being cooked until it was too late.  In many instances today, our lives are like that.  Economically, politically, socially.  When we buy into what is being placed before us without venturing into the truth of it, we set ourselves up to be ‘cooked’.  And who will be eating those delicious frogs legs?

As I wrap this up, I glance over to the calendar my artist daughter made.  Its the June page and the image is a frog – and the title is “Leaping”.  That’s what we need to be doing.  Leaping – to the next safe place, to the pond where we are with others who support us, who don’t lie to us.  Leaping away from that cooking pot!  Leaping to real Freedom, Equality, Liberty, and Justice.

Please take the time to consider who you want to support you in our federal, state and local governments – and go out and VOTE in November.





One thought on “Free to Get Cooked”

  1. I agree. Many people are more concerned about their opinion being perceived as the correct one, and not concerned enough, that all of our rights are washing away in the flood of hype. We were founded on radical thinking. Perhaps we need more of it now/again/still.

    You are such a good writer.


    “Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn’t” – Mark Twain

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