On the Road – Again

But this time it’s different.

Last week I purchased a TerraTrike recumbent tricycle.  Today is the eighth consecutive day I’ve ridden it, with two more to go for the ‘contract’ I made with my riding partner (the tall, handsome man I’ve mentioned before…) for 10 consecutive days.  (Just as I began writing this I received a call in which I learned that we’ll have to forgo the 10th day as there is another adventure brewing…)

We have ridden in my neighborhood and on the Santa Cruz River park paths; in the Menlo Park area, and today up the long incline on Starr Pass Blvd.  It was a very long grade that I was able to traverse without getting off my vehicle, although I did have to stop and rest about 3/4 the way up.  The ride back down was thrilling and chilling, with the traffic going by.  But each ride I learn something.  Today’s lesson was to keep going and relax.

As the days have gone by I can feel my strength growing – the leg muscles ‘burn’ and the lungs work overtime; however I have not had any sore muscles or hurting knees.  That is a real blessing.  After all, I’m over 65 years old and I’ve never done this before.  I gave up riding a two-wheeler years ago after I had a serious crash while on a bicycle tour in Key West, FL as part of a cruise.  This three-wheel vehicle is quite something, with 24 possible gear ratios.  Not your ordinary three-wheeler.

This afternoon I stopped at the bike shop to buy a helmet, a rear view mirror, a small air pump for emergencies, and have the trike checked out for a ‘noise’ on the right wheel.  Turned out to be loose brake caliper bolts, which were tightened.   In a couple of weeks I will have it back for its 30-day checkup.

So tomorrow is day nine, and then it’s off to Prescott, AZ for I don’t know exactly what yet.

Jackie, are you ‘listening’?  Remember the title of a possible book?  YEAH!!!



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