On Vulnerability – Reprise

I feel that I must express some resolution to my previous post.  As the days have passed, the meeting place for my rides has changed to my friend’s new residence.  His place is near Mountain Avenue that intersects with another part of The Loop pathway.  I’ve been going there every morning to have coffee, breakfast, and to begin our ride together.

While I’m not crazy about driving in the morning traffic on the Interstate, even a little farther than before, I do enjoy the activity of “getting ready for work” everyday.  And I always enjoy the smile that welcomes me each morning.  Most times he cooks breakfast, and sometimes lunch.  Often enough I cook breakfast too.  Our meetup is a great way to start the day.

My friend has organized his second bedroom into a bike shop of sorts, where he puts his bike on a stand, and where his tools and equipment are readily accessible.  Before we ride we check our vehicles, patching inner tubes, lubricating parts and adjusting things.  We leave together, and return separately.  I ride a very much slower vehicle than his.  In a wind I’m like a sail, and when it’s a head wind, it’s a very slow ride!

So I have to say that the transition has been fairly easy, and wasn’t as much to worry about as I was feeling.  Things are still a little in flux, but my discomfort has diminished, at least for now!

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