Reviewing What’s Not Been Shared Yet

004smallSince my last post I have experienced a lot of enjoyment in my life, and it has come upon me so fast I can’t keep up in terms of sharing on this blog.  So here, at the end of the calendar year 2012 I can only list some of the things that have created one good day after another for me.  Many, but not all, of these things are connected to a growing friendship with that tall, handsome funny man I met last spring.

Cooking potpies and empanadas with my friend, experimenting with crust and fillings.

Riding my trike every day, even in NM (until the cold weather entered the scene, post-Thanksgiving.)

Finding treasures from the thrift stores to help support my daughter’s art, initiated by my friend’s desire to help her out.

Supporting my friend’s next door neighbor’s children in their dance presentation, and providing some food and Christmas fun for them and their single mother.

Touring some of the barrios in Tucson and experiencing their treasures, mostly good food and quaint architecture.

A ‘camping trip’ to my RV club headquarters in NM for Thanksgiving, solo, and again for Christmas with my friend.

Soaking in the hot springs at Faywood Springs, NM.

Many wonderful light-hearted and deep conversations at breakfast mostly, and at other times, too.

Meeting new next-door neighbors.

Being asked to be a judge for a student cooking contest at the Mercado San Agustin on  Avenida Del Convento when I had just finished a ride and was very hungry, preparing to buy a barbacoa burrito.

Mexican coffee (with chicory and cinnamon) and pastries from La Estrella bakery.

Securing a new vehicle that will accommodate my trike, and that is great for trips!

Finally getting rid of the pigeons that were leaving their broken eggs and poop on my sidewalk and my neighbor’s by installing bird spikes.  Thanks, FF!

Losing 15 pounds – feels wonderful!  I can now wear things I saved from before I began RVing.  And they are still in fashion.

Realizing how far I’ve come, how much I’ve grown, how much I’ve learned and lived, and how I’m always becoming new.

Changing my perspective on some things and accepting my individuality.

And knowing there is more to come!




3 thoughts on “Reviewing What’s Not Been Shared Yet”

  1. It is nice to have a good run in life now and then, ain’t it just the best? I hope all the good things just keep going for you. Take care.

  2. Ah………….inspiring…..all these wondroud things…..and, you lost 15 pounds? You must be a waif now….and now I’m going to Google Faywood Springs…..Happy New Year to you and keep up the wondrous adventures…

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