Pop, Pop, Pop!

010croppedIt’s ‘summer’!  At least it seems like it here in Tucson.  And oh, my, the yard is ablaze, and it is also a mess.  With only gravel for the ground surface, the dandelions have broken through, as well as other weeds.  I haven’t had the inclination to get out there to clean them up as it’s been too hot in the afternoons – the mornings are for riding while it’s still cool enough.    I guess I need to set some priorities – weed the yard or ride when the weather is cool – I much prefer riding!

Last year when there was nothing growing in the back yard (except for the beginnings of weeds) I ordered two desert willows and traveled to my friend’s home to snag some starts from her yard.  I also bought a few small plants from Desert Survivors nursery.  A couple of the plants didn’t make it all the way through the summer, but oh, those that did have given me much joy.

Right now there are two Penstemons – different varieties – that are blooming profusely, in their lovely shades of red.  (The photo is one I took – I just love the ‘sparkles’ on the petals – click on the photo to see an enlargement.)  The tiny Gopher Plant from my friend’s yard has taken off and is blooming as well.  The cacti are happy and setting blooms for later.  The Chaste Tree has begun to leaf out and my fig has set three tiny figs already.  I saw a hummingbird yesterday taking a sip from an aloe bloom.  I’m so excited!

004tiny figsI planted the yard to attract butterflies, bees and birds.  When the desert willows begin to leaf out and bloom, and the cacti flowers open I expect to see some marvelous creatures.  Last night I heard my first cricket ‘chirrup’ and I’m not so thrilled about that – they can be so annoying!  And if they are out, then the spiders are too.  I had to kill several Black Widows last fall – I like spiders but the Black Widows scare me a little because there are many and I don’t want to get bitten.

Now, if only I could get my friend to come over and build a noise baffle around my air conditioning condenser unit…The A/C goes on soon, I’m sure!

One thought on “Pop, Pop, Pop!”

  1. Great photo of penstemons. I clicked on the photo to see the enlargement as you suggested and how wonderful, they do have sparkles! Thanks. I will not see my penstemons the same way…

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