RV Friendships

032croppedIt’s been quite a happy idea that even though I’m ‘off the road’ I can still travel and visit friends that I’ve made through RVing.  This past weekend I had quite a good time visiting with my friend in Sierra Vista (Arizona).  He’s been wintering there now for the past couple of years.  In the summers he can be found in Colorado.  A few weeks ago he called me about coming to Tucson to visit and hike in Sabino Canyon, northeast of Tucson.  We had a good time, enjoyed a nice lunch, and I was invited to visit in Sierra Vista.

I’d been wanting to camp for a while and had checked out a campground on the western side of Tucson, a place where I could also ride the trike.  Another option I considered was traveling to Organ Pipe National Monument where I’d volunteered a couple of years ago.  I still have friends there.  But I decided to take my friend up on his offer, and went to Sierra Vista.

I ‘camped out’ in my car, parked next to my friend, and was given a key to the ladies room/shower, and had plenty of roadway to ride the trike in the RV park.  We shared our food and had lots of conversation.  We talked about how it is to be older folks, still wanting companionship and maybe a little romance, and he caught me up on some of the gossip from the RV club we both belong to.  The phrase that we found common to all of our conversation was “That’s what (we, they) do.”

010On Saturday we went to Ramsey Canyon and took a leisurely walk up the hill to view the birds and plants that were presenting their spring colors.  It was an overcast day, so it didn’t get very hot.  The climb was easy because we were going slowly.  A very nice way to spend a couple of hours.

On Sunday we went to the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area along the San Pedro River, just a few short miles from the RV park.  There we saw and listened to the birds that draw so many visitors.  The cottonwood trees along both sides of the river were green and beautiful.  The river itself was very low, and dry in some places.  Desert drought has been hard on nature there, and elsewhere in the desert.

I’d not been to Sierra Vista before – only drove through it on my way back from New Mexico after my Thanksgiving visit to the club’s headquarters.  The traffic was awful and for the 30 miles to the interstate from there it was hell.  My friend, however, gave me directions that allowed me to miss the traffic this time, and I was much happier about that!

From time to time I hope to travel to the places where my RV friends are staying.  Meeting up, even though I no longer have my rig, is fun.  I so enjoy knowing that I can get around the country, and am able to talk to others about places we’ve seen.  And as I don’t have too many friends in Tucson yet, and I love to travel, visiting the friends I made while on the road makes traveling very enjoyable.

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