“Getting Down” – To Blogging

file0002083689554Over the last couple of months I’ve been venturing into some Meetup groups, several of which have been about writing. We have:

Pima Writers – This is a group for mostly those who are writing books – memoirs, novels, etc.  I’ve attended to learn about editing, finding an editor, style sheets, plots, parts of speech, and more.  I may even eventually write my memoir!

Journal Writing – This group seems to be in hiatus and I’ve only been to two meetings so far.  The first one was writing about a picture from my past.  The next one was writing about a dream.  These meetings are intimate in that they reveal places where we may feel vulnerable.  Lots of very good sharing and support for those emotional expressions.  I look forward to the group beginning again.

Women Bloggers – This group is for women only. This is a very eclectic group of women who really want to make changes in the world. We are mostly mature women, of a certain age, although there are one or two who are younger. In this group we connect with what it means to be writing blogs for women. We learn how to set up a blog, to some extent, and how to network with other women, and women bloggers.

Tucson Bloggers – This group is for all the bloggers in Tucson who want to participate.  It is led by a very charismatic man who is a writer, inventor, computer geek ‘par excellence’, and more.  He is excited by what he does, and is interested in giving back to the community as well.  He offers information, in detail, about writing blogs, how to get your blog ‘seen’, maybe make some money while you’re at it.  He is definitely the ‘go to’ guy for all the technical stuff.

Each of these groups meets once a month.  So I can’t say I don’t have anything to do each week.  For a while, after I moved into my home and got the garden planted, I didn’t know what to do with myself.  I met my friend that I’ve mentioned here before, and we were busy with riding and cooking for a while.  That seems to have settled down a bit, leaving lots of space for other things to discover.

Now I have two blogs to keep me busy.  One to just ‘shoot the breeze’ with my friends here.  And the other to shout out to the world.  Writing seems to have become more of an active part of my life.  I find myself thinking about it more often, and wondering what I’ll write about.  I think I need to get more organized with my lists, however, and find a way to become more proficient in assembling ideas from the Internet that I want to consider!


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