It’s an Amazing Thing, Connections

FireThe other day while on facebook I saw that one of my online friends (‘Sandy’- not her real name) is coming to Tucson in June.  Sandy and I have been online friends for six years, when we began with the now defunct ‘zaadz’ social network.  I joined that network just as my partner entered the hospital, and his sister was a member of the group. After my partner’s death I took a train trip to see family, and visited with my ‘sister’, who, with her husband, had planned to meet up with Sandy in Maine while on a camping trip.  I went with them and had the pleasure of meeting Sandy as well.

Sandy is coming to Tucson to meet up with a woman in her circle of Peace Sound Chambers.  These structures have been built as the manifestation of a vision by Native American elder Joseph Rael, and there are many of them scattered around the world. (see When I learned that Sandy was coming to Tucson I let her know I’d like to see her.  She then connected me to the ‘caretaker’ of the local chamber (‘Margaret’ – not her real name).

I sent a message to Margaret, and was invited to attend a sweat lodge; however, I wasn’t able to participate.  Margaret also invited me to a Fire Ceremony in the chamber.  These ceremonies are held on the 7th of every month. The intent of the Fire Ceremony is for purification of the waters of the earth – the oceans. You can read more about this ceremony at

So last night I traveled to the west side of Tucson to meet Margaret and participate in the ceremony.  Three others arrived for the ceremony, and we were introduced to each other.  As we sat around the fire circle I commented that the structure reminded me of another structure at the City of the Sun in Columbus, NM.  One of the women said she knew the place and had been there.  As it turns out she is a member of a “Grandmother” circle that one of my Loners on Wheels club members belongs to, and has been a leader in.

HawkI was amazed!  Here I was, meeting a stranger in a new environment, new activity, in my ‘new’ home town and finding myself connected to my RVing club experience at the same time.  We talked about others in the New Mexico ‘connection’ that we both knew.  Actually, the other two participants, a married couple, also are connected to the New Mexico community.  Many familiar names were mentioned, people I’d become friends with in the RV club, and friends I’d made at the City of the Sun.

Unfortunately, the “grandmother” in New Mexico has fallen ill, and is hospitalized with double pneumonia.  She is in her 90s, and has lived a very active life.  My thoughts are with her.

These kinds of experiences cause me to wonder.  I’d seen a hawk on my gate in the morning.  Hawk is known as “messenger” in terms of animal totems.  And in Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews, hawk feathers were used in Pueblo healing ceremonies and “to bring the rains and waters necessary for life.”    (And it’s interesting that Joseph Rael was raised in one of the Pueblos in New Mexico.)

“Hawk is akin to Mercury, the messenger of the gods.

Hawk medicine teaches you to be observant…

Life is sending you signals.”

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