Pre-Birth to Afterbirth – Into Life

I’ve been revisiting some poetry that I wrote years ago.  This one seems fitting for Mother’s Day, as our mother is the one we depend on from the very beginning of our life.  We are nourished from within, and when it is time, we are ‘expelled’ into life and we begin a new way of being.  Others in our lives may also ‘birth’ us into a new phase of life.  This poem was written at the end of a time of personal counseling.

The Placenta

Life-sustaining attachment, transforming energy to the growing life within.  Proper nourishment in the perfect form needed for development.  Specialized arteries of ebb and flow, give and take, intake and elimination.

Through some mystery within this close communication, the time comes for detachment.  Birth pangs.  Energy pulsating, moving new life through the darkness.  A soul risks to enter life.  A soul risks to give it.  Pressure, pain, unconscious trust in the process.

Transition – danger, fear – new life.  Through the labor of love the connections are severed and the attachment breaks free, no longer needed for survival.

(Copyright – SAS)


Note:  In researching for this post, the term “placenta” is from the Latin, meaning ‘flat cake’.  So is it any wonder that we sometimes say that a fetus is ‘in the oven’? Humorous!

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